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  1. I was not aware of all this because that time i was not having knowledge so its really new thing fir me to know and its really very interesting news to me and for sure beneficial also for all of us but i think one in hundred will be eligible to hold their bitcoin which will get chance to get that bitcoin my friend.
  2. Hello friend may be it can happen but i think it depends upon what a coin is this and what is the value of that coin in the market and if its profitable for traders or investors then for sure my friend it will be good for them and then they will definitely work on them.
  3. Well my friend i didn't yet withdraw my money but when i will withdraw my money i will use it in my daily expense because atleast in this forum we can earn to face our daily expense which is i think very good and great opportunity for all of us specially for students as well to improve our life and to live good as well but we have to be very hardworking.
  4. In my country mostly people are not aware of cryptoworld and they don't even have knowledge about it but now in 2021 many people are working on it online by trading and investment and they are earning good by getting good information and then they are able to get good profit as well by doing working on it.
  5. Yes you are right but we cannot compare these years because in 2021 many changes occurs according to cryptoworld because i think in 2021 many people came to know about cryptocurrencies from which they were not aware in 2017 or in 2018 and one of the important reason of increasing value of bitcoin in 2021 and its importance around the world also.
  6. Thank you so much for such a great information and knowledge my friend. Previously i was not aware of all this but now i came to know much about it which is definitely gonna be very useful and helpful for all of us. Once again i am thanking you providing us such informative thing.
  7. I think many people wants that bitcoin value gets down and many wants that its prices gets increase because many people are present in this forum who are doing trading and some are doing investment so everyones wants their own profit so i will not say anything about it because i am not doing trading and i am also not doing investment.
  8. No i don't think so because my friend both are very important currencies and they both are having their own importance in everyones life so we cannot compare them and bitcoin on other hand is more important around the world because of its increasing value so i cannot say anything more about it.
  9. I don't know anything about it and i think there is no other platform but this is the only platform cryptoworld which is legit and its my first experience while doing work here online and its good experience because its a good forum to earn but most of the sites are fake so we should avoid them.
  10. I think my friend according to me you must choose bitcoin or ethereum because there are the currencies which are increasing most of the time and because of increasing in their value causes more importance of them in market and on other hand its up to you totally because its a risky work but hope for the best friend.
  11. Hello friend if you want to do investment then make sure that that you must have experienced and on the other hand you must keep yourself up to date from the value of cryptocurrencies when its value is decreasing or when its value is increasing this is very important to get good earning in good profit.
  12. I think my friend its not so easy to say anything about that which city is best or not about crypto friendly and i think there is no specific other then Russia because i only know about it but might be there many cities of crypto friendly but i am not sure about it.
  13. Yes Mate i do agree with your all words we all need to be very careful about this specially during this epidemic situation and we all also know that many scammers are present every where and they attracts everyone in that way that people gets attract towards them we have to be very careful from their traps my Friend.
  14. You are absolutely right my friend. Many of us came to know about this from YouTube but i heard this one of my close friend then i searched about it from YouTube to learn more about it and then i started working here and its really very good experienced while doing work here.
  15. Its totally depends upon us if we adopt this and then we start earning good with profit then its well and good but if some our students and some are doing job then may be its difficult for those to spend their whole time to crypto world but i think we must spend atleast 2 3 hours daily to learn more about this forum.
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