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  1. This is a very good project and initiative. Thanks to the yobit team. That's why always love yobit for it's different types of activities. By the way Happy Christmas to all. 3t45qge2u
  2. May be i am so unlucky in this session. I have already invested my all btc in a shit coin for short time profit before bearish market. Now i am suffering a lot and heating my forehead on the wall. It's bad time for me but good time for new investors.
  3. I just check this site and found there are many similar sites exist over internet like centrality.top which are marked as scam. I never trust these sites. Your payments will be pending forever.
  4. I know every day a large amount of bitcoin lost by holders and they are flew in blockchain network. But 4 million/day it's really a big amount. However demand increase the value of anything. As bitcoin has limitation and the users are increasing daily in the market there will be grater demand which will make the btc price to moon. You are right, we should hold some of our bitcoin for future benefits and it's true.
  5. All the owners of their wallets are responsible for their wallets. If you consider about online wallets than yes, you are right. There is possibility of data lost or stolen by hackers. I will recommend to go through open source by which you can create your own wallet application and add privacy as your sweet will.
  6. About a month ago i got a warning point for creating a topic because the topic was in the forum but in different title. So it is sometimes hard to identify if there any topic in this forum befor or not through serching as the search engine of this site is not specific. It shows all the matching items with the search term as like as google.
  7. Once when the total member was 10000 than the daily active members were just like now have. Before 12th November a lot of members (around 6000) were signed up just only for Airdrop and after the end of it they left this place. Besides there are many fake accounts here which are banned now. But their accounts are still exist.
  8. Hahaha... Brother i appreciate your curiosity about Satoshi Nakamoto. But your sayings are immature, honestly. You should research some more. Have a look on this topic and read all messages. You can also check Satoshi Nakamoto's profile on P2P Foundation Forum. In 2014 he posted a message there that he is not Dorian S Nakamoto. But maximum people missed it. He is still anonymous.
  9. I don't know how it will be popular that the market price of this coin is still unknown. It's good that, this coin will cost less electricity and anyone can mine with their CPU or hard disc. I like this feature most.
  10. It's seems that, this new coin "BitcoinByte" was forked from Bitcoin Core V 0.18 as they said on their official website. The maximum amount of circulation of this coin is 21 million just similar as bitcoin. But it's market value, volume are not clear. Moreover this coin is listing only one exchange site which works only for POC algorithm based coins. They should provide more information before launching this coin. Perhaps, let's see how people react with this coin.
  11. You said well bro. Every forum or website should have it's own identity for it's speciality. Pay per post can't be an identity as this action is temporary. So CryptoTalk should start more programs or which will be permanent where member can earn through posting or any othe events here. If they continue their pey per post campaign for life time than it would be ok i think. People will engage here more and more. The another thing is that, they should encourage to create new topics so members can post more.
  12. I didn't face the problem yet you are experiencing. Sometimes it could be happen for geographical problem that take a long time to ping with the servete port.
  13. Never reply them. Scammers are mainly target the telegram users to fall into their trap. I also faced two scammers before. They were tried to convince me a lot. I just blocked them...
  14. Yes you are right. It's good to trade instead of hodl coins. Trade can double your profit where hodl can't generate profit except market bull for a specific coin. I didn't hold any coins. All of my coins are circulating in the market through trading platforms.
  15. Wow. That's the thing I am searching for many days. Now i am clear how to calculate transaction fee. I have searched a lot in search engines but couldn't got my desired answers. Thank you xbdt script for sharing this.
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