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  1. I agree with you, and Bitcoin is backed by investor confidence in it and it represents digital gold and an investment that cannot be ignored.
  2. I think you need a broker to complete the transfer process for you. You can search for a reliable person who has been previously tested by people.
  3. Well, there are many currencies that support privacy and no one can see the balance in the wallet address and on remittances as I think, the options are available to everyone.
  4. This is not bad, this is a normal thing that always happens, when a drop occurs, an opportunity to buy to sell when the market rises
  5. I do not advise you to use these websites, most of them defraud people, instead open an account on one of the exchange platforms such as Yobit and start trading.
  6. Shaza Ahmad

    Btc next in line

    I think this year will be important for many major currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and for me these are the big currencies that I prefer to invest in.
  7. If you want to buy bitcoin, either trade daily and take advantage of the ups and downs in the short term or buy in several stages at each drop of investment in the long term.
  8. I enjoyed a lot of reading this article, thank you for this historical and basic information in starting the Bitcoin invention, but everyone is wondering where is Satoshi Nakamoto?
  9. It is definitely a form of fraud, there is no real thing called the Bitcoin generator, and if this tool exists with someone why does he take money from people and he can multiply his money in one second, but he takes people’s money to steal it and defraud them.
  10. Thanks for sharing your Bitcoin analysis, well, your analysis was correct. Bitcoin found strong support at $ 6,600 at that time.
  11. There are many ways to earn cryptocurrencies, including daily trading or long-term investment in bitcoin, where bitcoin investment is one of the most successful investments in history.
  12. Cryptocurrencies and bitcoin have changed the shape of the global economy, many investors trust blockchain technology and bitcoin and cryptocurrencies so this area is well supported by will.
  13. I think traders in the cryptocurrency market chose to risk financially and trust confidence in blockchain projects from their inception.
  14. Yes you are right, and we must maintain safety and protection, and search for the reputation of each site before depositing.
  15. Well, trading is not profitable for all people, whoever wants to enter the market must have the knowledge, money and tools to succeed in trading.
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