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  1. I do not advise you to rely on the advice of others in trading, as you may blame them later when you lose, search for a way to get to know the market and its characteristics and try to gain experience to choose the appropriate currencies to trade.
  2. It is good for a trader to have notes or records of his trades, so he can see his dealings in the market for a long time and he may know some of his mistakes in buying and selling.
  3. There is a difference between the mistakes of traders and the mistakes of investors, traders buy the currency to sell it after a short period of several minutes to several days, but investors buy currencies to keep them for the long term for a year or even more, and there are certainly errors that traders and investors fall into, so who do you mean in your topic?
  4. You are right that not all cryptocurrencies can be divided into decimal places, some currencies are not as divided as bitcoin, I suspect that Neo cannot be divided into decimal places.
  5. It seems that your analysis was correct until the price of $ 10,500 and then the great drop that brought the price of bitcoin down to almost $ 4000, maybe now the market is in a recovery phase and maybe we will see another decline, we do not know what will happen, the market these days is very confusing.
  6. Do not rely on signals and recommendations, and make your own decision during trading, perhaps you will fall into the trap and they are selling to you while you do not know. I tested this experience when one of the recommendations was approved and the result was a loss of 500%, so it is better to stay away from it.
  7. Please do not ask for any investment advice from anyone, perhaps this advice will be the reason for losing your money and perhaps blame the one who gave you this advice, make a great effort in deep research on the projects that you think are the best and then diversify your investments.
  8. In these cases the best thing is to search for a review about the site and know what people think about the site, you can search in the sites of the reviews such as
  9. I hope you have made good profits from HBAR this coin pump several times in the past weeks, and it was one of the fastest rebounding currencies after the market crash.
  10. I do not agree with copying the trade, we may find that some traders earn a lot and we copy their deals using copy sites such as eToro, but when they make losses we will fall with these losses as well, we may regret that we did not make our decision by ourselves.
  11. No, the trade is not scary, perhaps you are afraid of losing, and I say that it is necessary to lose in this market in order to learn, you will not gain experience and knowledge for free, you must pay for it and what you pay for it is what you lose in the beginning of your trading but when you have Experience, you will make up for all that you lost and gain multiples.
  12. You are right, but we must trust our opinions and experience in trading when we have the necessary knowledge to trade in this market. As for trust without knowledge, this is considered a risk and depends on luck no more.
  13. Many projects fail because they did not achieve the required financial support, and ICO projects are the biggest example, but the problem is some projects defraud investors and do not return money to them and suddenly disappear.
  14. Congratulations, after looking at your trades, you are a successful trader. Can you share your trading strategy for everyone's benefit?
  15. I think the most important point you made is controlling risk, at least if a trader does not earn anything in the market, he must ensure that he does not lose in the end.
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