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  1. Plagiarism All post of this member is just copy paste. Member name @Sajid1234 One example of copy paste post is given below Original post Copy pasted
  2. I didn't get your point. I think you are saying that yearly lower point is going higher. If you are saying about this then definitely, Bitcoin is developing with passage of time. Now every man have access to internet. And he can now get crypto currencies easily. It is just trailer, i am seeing price of bitcoin will be in millions in next three to five years.
  3. That will be good if cryptotalk announce their application. I think then there will more traffic on the forum then before. Because it will be easy for members to use it. Hope they will make cryptotalk application.
  4. Your given tips are best and helping for creation of topic. I also want to add some are that topic should be unique and understandable for every one. It should be in simple English because many members are here don't know much about english because of different local languages.
  5. I also think that whales are dumping the price. But think if now talk removed from investbox then these whales will sell all their tokens. If they sell these tokens price will be dump not pump.
  6. Now i think it will be risky for long term investment because now bitcoin is at its highest point and we can't trust on market. However short term trading is best in bitcoin now a days.
  7. I talk about bitcoin with friends and argue with them to invest in it. I tell them that about 6 month ago it was down to 3500 dollar and now it is about 28000 dollars. Volatility of crypto is the thing which make it best.
  8. I don't think removing now from investbox will help to price pump. There are many investors who are buying talk because of 1 percent daily.. Fuctionality of talk token will pump price of talk.
  9. Two to three hours are best for learning about crypto currencies. You should not be here for just 20 post a day and earning money. You should spend time to read out best topics of the forum to learn about crypto world. And you will get new and best ways of earning.
  10. Rank is just numbers which you just show here. Experience is quality of yourself which make you best over all crypto market. By Experience you make 100 new ways of earning money but in rank you have only one way and it goes close you will be finish. So focus on experience not on rank.
  11. I don't think that forum management will disable new payment system. Now Bitcoin rate is going up so old payment system will be costly for forum management. Price is now stable at 20 stoshi and there is high buy wall so it is difficult for further price dump. Once functionality of forum announced it's price will pump again. Just hold your coins.
  12. First of all you need to be careful in crypto world. There is high chances of scamming. So don't respond any spam mail you receive in your mail box. And don't invest in scamming sites.
  13. Idea is good but i don't think it will be successful. You now there is high flactuation in crypto market. Let suppose you pay xrp and at that time price of xrp was 0.58$ but in next two days price goes down to 0.38$. So i think he will be in lose.
  14. @Jromz You are right. It is not too much late and Most of people thinks that bitcoin will fall like it was in 2017. But i will say them that now situation is different from previous one. Now bitcoin is more famous and now big players are buying bitcoin so there is high support not like a bubble which it was in 2017.
  15. Same situation for all of us. As halving done i was saying that bitcoin will cross 20000$ in December as it was at 8k at that time. And i hope in next year if no unusual activity done then bitcoin will be 100k. I think now it is not too much late.
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