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  1. If you receive warning point for creating 3 topics which have been deleted, then it's mean that you create duplicate topics. Therefore you receive warning point. I will suggest you that before creating new topic first search it in search bar. If there is no such related topic then create new topic.
  2. No doubt yobit is one of best crypto exchanges. It helps their users by giving free airdrop such as it give easycash, free dollars, yo chat tokens and dice tokens to their users free.
  3. I am agree with you. I am also victim of two new projects. But someone says that we learn from our mistakes. After that i am careful while investing on any ico. Yobit is best site for ico. I will recommend this site.
  4. I am following coingecko and i read its first quarter report. According to first report, market goes down due to covid but in second quarter market goes up. And i think in next quarter of year bitcoin will be pumping up it's price up to 20000$.
  5. This is because, there is no such rules and law in countries about digital and crypto currencies. And it's also look strange that scamming and thefting crypto is no crime.
  6. It is simple. You can get all information about new payment system by reading first post in about forum section. Further we also getting this talk tokens and we can exchange it in September.
  7. This is the best thing which i like about new payment system. I think we will double out coins at the start of trading of this talk coins in September. I am also investing in investbox.
  8. I think this system of payment is best. We have whole week to collect more and more talk coins by posting and reacting the posts. And best thing about talk is we can invest in investbox which will multiply our coins.
  9. I think yes, because after the new payment system ,I am still facing deletion of post. It is not linked with payment system. It is simple when someone post irrelevant and people will reply on it. Abd latter post will be deleted and our comments will deleted also.
  10. The reason is new payment system. Everyone want payment like previous system. But i think when trade of talk token will start, people will join the forum and will start the work.
  11. Before 2012 , There was no value of bitcoin at all. It was cheap and not well-known. You also got the news of buy pizza with million bitcoins. That all was because they don't know upcoming price of bitcoin. If they know they will not do so.
  12. I don't think it will happen. Bitcoin is father of all crypto currencies. And it also have high trading volume then other alt coins. If bitcoin will go dead it's mean crypto will dead.
  13. I didn't hear about this coin but as you are saying it give a good profit. Then i will search about this coin, it's price history, it's trading volume and it's circulating and total supply. Then i will buy it to get profit.
  14. First thing that bitcoin will never go down as much as you are saying and will go up so much. But if i got chance of bitcoin price selection then i will choose higher amount because i am holding some bitcoin to i will sell it to that price.
  15. Yes it will be bullrun after bitcoin halving but as we see in 2016 halving bull run didn't take place on next day of halving. It take place after 2 to 3 month of halving. So we can expect that next two months will be the key of bull run.
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