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  1. Good response and actually am with you because am still confuse on how did he create such a kind of GIF like this from the screen cast and am much more interested in knowing the method he used in doing it
  2. I will not be surprised if your country those not have any bitcoin atm due to the reason of refusal to adopt the precious crypto currency in it system of government which is why you couldn't find any bitcoin atm but hopefully we are expecting something great to happen in cryptoworld sooner or later.
  3. Everything that involved yobit exchanger is highly secure and well recommended able and even for once I have never experienced such kind of problems but I will assure you that our coins are relatively save.
  4. A very good response you make here and in addition we should always abide by the rules and regulation of the forum in other to avoid loosing our account in a device that have already been used.
  5. These should not be a problem that will cause panic because everyone on these forum experience such kind of problem which i believe the admin are aware of it, so let us all focus on our work here and be patience with the forum for a while.
  6. Honestly I have been working on these platform for a while now and I always feel comfortable whenever am working here and the experience gain here is something else to be remember as far as crypto is in existence.
  7. Actually yes and knowledge is money and without seeking it we will not be successful in life, just for example the genius who created bitcoin was not known because of his money rather because of the knowledge he have which brings about money today.
  8. I confidently agree with you because giving reputation alone will not help in passing the information rather it will just enable the poster grow more reputation alone which will not help the situation here in the forum, so please let all concentrate on making contribution on a topic with different response.
  9. Yes you are right about these because the world is advancing day in day out with different kind of technology that are making our daily lives easy. However a lot of people are making profit from these investment which always give them confidence to stick to trading.
  10. Well said mate because in these forum we keep on learning some new features that include improving our communication skills as well, which is very important aspect in our lives.
  11. I prefer making posts to be honest because it always give me motivation to contribute and write something useful that other members will benefits from it, well the topic aspect is also good because it will give room to a member to go and make some research and bring something new to the forum.
  12. These forum is very great because it offers a lot of benefits apart from the earning aspect, the knowledge gain is a big achievement to be sincere and since I join these forum my communication skills have improve massively and is a big boast to me in my life.
  13. Cryptotalk is the best paying platform in the world right now and to honest my expectation for these forum is to grow massively with alot of members and the future of crypto currency should continue increasing till the whole world adopt these technology.
  14. Every trader ambition is to become successful in trading and honestly I love buying crypto at lower price and make some investment for long a term and wait when the price have rise massively in digital market then I will sell and make some good profit.
  15. Actually yes and there is no thought about that because if you want to continue earning here you must work hard and used your time management wisely in other to make a good income from the forum.
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