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  1. A gray banner means that you also commented on the topics and that another member is commenting on the same topic, so when you refresh the page it will be black.You do not face any problems in your work.
  2. I think its for creating space for new posts and topics and deleting un necessary posts, So if you are posting and serving your time in doing posts then please post something useful for the readers which contain some unique information, because no one wants their posts to be removed so make sure your post is not plagiarised.
  3. Because they have no more knowledge about the grammatical rules but some of us are too good in English grammar and good in making sentences which are beneficial and informative for those who are weak in English. And I think after writing our posts we should just one time read or look our posts and check our own grammatical mistakes and having any mistakes you should correct them.
  4. I am in loose but i write good and attractive post post will automatic deleted so the moderator will cleaning the scammer and also decrease the delecting post Yes my friend you are right my post will also delected i am in loose but i write good and attractive post post will automatic deleted so the moderator will cleaning the scammer and also decrease the delecting post.
  5. I joined this forum a month ago and I found it very informative and very useful. This site is the best for us to earn and learn.If we continue to work hard and don't leave the hope, we will succeed.
  6. The capitalization of bitcoin for the first time exceeded $1 trillion in mid-February. And, although many analysts doubt the continued growth, ARK Invest CEO Catherine Wood believes that the first trillion in the capitalization of the first cryptocurrency is only the first step. “If we calculate the potential demand for bitcoin, given the limited supply of coins, we get huge numbers in the long run. Now is just the beginning, and the capitalization of $1 trillion is nothing compared to the indicators of the future, "- said the CEO of ARK Invest at a conference held by the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The demand for bitcoin from institutional investors who are trying to hedge inflation risks with cryptocurrencies has become one of the most important things. At the same time, they buy bitcoin for a very long time and increase the number of coins withdrawn from circulation. “We see Square, Tesla, MicroStrategy and others buying bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies dominate the business of these companies now. And the announcement of the sale of Tesla for BTC will allow you to do business in any region without wasting time and money on exchanging fiat currencies." So, the current position is only the beginning of a bullish cycle, Catherine Wood emphasized.
  7. For explaining this idea to us through this brochure on fees resulting from withdrawing money or trading from the platform, and for me I will choose what suits me before I make the transfer so that I do not lose a lot of money in this transfer process.
  8. Bitcoin is a coin that is the highest of all coins in the world and this coin has the highest trading volume and performance. You can easily exchange trades with this coin And all the good wallets are there. You can easily exercise from any site with it.
  9. I think cryptotalk web is the best way to get knowledge about the digital currency so we didn't need to find information about cryptotalk to any other web so that's why I suggested you that work on this platform for getting the best knowledge .But promote the cryptocurrency through this software.
  10. Work with your intelligence because in crypto currency field you have to cope with any situation. Don't put all the eggs in a busket. Never Trust people blindly and Don't give your personal data to anybody. Before investing in any project, research them properly .
  11. I go to the posts that are in Russian Language and sometimes to the topic on which I have responded before So I think this feature has no benefit for me or may be it happen with all.
  12. Crypto currency now very important think in our life. We can make better life by make good token in etheir scain. I think it will be best option make money free from online.
  13. Take a hybrid approach to digital wallet security. Two strong passwords are key. Work with reputable cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, brokerages and mobile apps. Protect yourself from mobile phishing. Be aware of how your wallet is used in transactions.
  14. I think covid-19 hasnot great impact in the bitcoin but last month we saw the little downward due to the covid-19. But for now it has already healed.
  15. We should not just complete the 20 publications, what we should do is good topics so that people like it and they give us good ratings and we have more and more reputation to continue making good topics or publications .
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