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  1. Yes mate, you will find it difficult because talk token sometimes don't use to be on the list of currencies , so what you have to do is to click on litecoin on the currency exchange list, then you will change the ltc on the page address to talk, then it will take you directly to talk and BTC. Thanks
  2. Yes I will definitely challenge myself to get to the highest rank in this forum, challenges in life makes us stronger and I think to make any challenge, we have to always be strong on what we really want to challenge, but the most of thing to challenge in this world is oneself, if I can challenge myself, then there won't be any challenges that I can't encounter.
  3. To be a member of this forum, we have to understand how to read and write in English, we have to know how to construct good and effective English, we are allowed to make post or comment with only English and Russian, other languages are not allowed.
  4. Thanks to this great forum, I never knew I will get the opportunity of earning some certain number of Bitcoin each day by posting and commenting on the forum, many sites also gives this opportunity but until you pay some certain amount of money before getting the chance of earning in their forum.
  5. To me, I think Etherium is the second biggest known cryptocurrency after the Bitcoin and it price value is also the second after Bitcoin, it was invented in 2015 and we pray it value should keep on increasing and I think the more the demand the more it value increases.
  6. To be a member of this forum, we have to know how to read and construct good English, if we can't construct good English in the cryptotalk forum, it will be hard for other members to understand what we write, or if we can't write in English, we can also write in Russia too. Russia and English is the only language allowed here. @Muktarysule
  7. I have searched for many sites that I can earn money from if I work per day, but most of the sites are all sites formed by scammers and after wasting most of our time there, i end up earning nothing, but thanks to cryptotalk forum for giving me this opportunity of earnings BTC and talk token after working each day, I never knew I will be this lucky.
  8. It will be better for beginners like the newbies and brand new members should try and spend most of their time in the beginners section because most of the topics their are what they should know or what will let them learn more about crypto currency at beginners level, and other members like the Jr members upward should try and spend much time in the crypto world section.
  9. My best earning method in cryptocurrency is by trading, trading in the essence of buying when the currency price value is low and then sell when the price is high or favourable to me, trading is my best earning method because I hate long term investment. @Mubiflow
  10. Probity is what we need to give to the forum, been an honest person anywhere make us a good and respecting person, I think we have to respect all what the forum has forbid us from, let try to abide by the rules and regulations of the forum, we shouldn't break the rules of the forum most especially spamming and creating double account, because if we are being caught with a double account, the two accounts will be banned by the moderators or Admin.
  11. I think if we have less posts In the forum we can still be in the leader board, what determine is being a member or full member, and always making quality post and comments, creating quality topics with good contents if possible with pictures to illustrate what you are trying to teach others, this will also let you be among the popular and known member in the leader board. @Cryptonas
  12. Yes mate, cryptocurrency is very wide, a lot of opportunities are still there to make use of, if we are not good in the trading, we can try mining cryptocurrency and if we are still not good in mining, we can join a campaign group or join a forum that will be paying us for posting and commenting like cryptotalk forum, we can't be bad in all.
  13. Yes mate, their are a lot of dead coin in the crypto currency market, we have to make research before investing in any cryptocurrency, and we shouldn't invest on some crypto currencies because of their low price value, most of the cryptocurrencies with a very low price value do tends to be dead coins.
  14. I believe in what you said mate, because I also had of a sit then that do pay me in Satoshi for viewing ads and also watching some videos but the payment is very low because it will take you a week before getting 1000 Satoshi.
  15. Fiat is the normal money that has indirect market value, currently we can't deposit anything on our yobit account, we can only invest and withdraw our earnings from cryptotalk forum there, yobit is currently a new exchanger.
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