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  1. I think their won't be a problem if a new member post more than 20 post when the new member is struggling to complete his or her 100 post,I think the maximum during the 100 post adventure is 50 per day, so 100 for two days.
  2. You are welcome bro, it is not good to have a problem and keep it to yourself, when we open up what our problems are in this forum we are being helped by some of the members in the forum most especially the experts here, so let tell others our problems so that we'll solve it together .
  3. Actually my work here depends on post and also the reputations, because if I don't think there are many people here that their work don't depend on their post.
  4. To boost up our reputations I think all we need to do is to create or make comments or post that will be informative, unique and attractive to the members of the forum that will give them the courage to like the post or comment.
  5. Hello mate, thanks for this because most of the beginners here may not know to edit their post that has already been sent, but with this example I think they will be able to know how to edit their post after it has been sent already.
  6. Hello friends, to increase our reputations, Al we have to do is to make unique and attractive post, post that will be informative and beneficial to the members of the forum and posting something that will be new to them doing all I listed will make you earn more reputations.
  7. Hello everyone, I have learned much things here most especially things on cryptocurrency, how to invest in them and when to make the investment, I've learned or know many types of crypto currency.
  8. Hello everyone, I don't think we can earn 10 USD daily here because the least we can earn here I think is 6 USD daily, except if we are all in the trading, we can earn more than 10 USD when we are in the crytocurrency trading.
  9. Hello everyone, some of our post are deleted due to maybe -1 it is deleted because it not talking about what the topic is saying. -2 it is maybe less than one hundred characters and -3 it doesn't contain anything related to crypto currency.
  10. Hello everyone, let all try to read what the content of any topic is saying before commenting on that topic, because most of us here only follow the title without checking what the person means.
  11. Yes I agree with you my friend, I also prefer yobit exchange to bittrex exchange ,since you even said bittrex exchange require KYC and yobit exchange doesn't require KYC so I will also go with yobit exchange.
  12. Cryptotalk is actually my primary source of income because I currently don't have anything since the time I graduated from the University and with the opportunity to work with this forum, I think it will be a great achievement to me since I can earn when I work here.
  13. Hello friends, my goal or aim in the first place when I joined this forum was to earn money each day, but after I joined the forum, my decision changed from earning to learning more about crypto currency.
  14. Hello everyone, the only advice I have for the members of the group is we should all try to abide by the rules and regulations of the forum and we shouldn't try to be smart in having to accounts.
  15. Hello everyone, I choose cryptotalk forum in learning cryptocurrency because I know their are many people in the forum from different parts of the world and we will all have to interact with one another to know more and learn more about crypto currency.
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