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  1. Interesting post mate most especially to the new members joining the platform before doing anything make sure you follow The rules and regulations of the forum don't violate any of the forum rules don't copy and paste and plagiarism and most importantly always post useful quality content.
  2. Firstly you need to create unique quality post with useful content don't copy and paste do your own research about cryptocurrency, make sure your post is up to 100 useful characters and follow the rules of the plartform.
  3. You are right a negative reaction doesn't mean they are criticizing you or they hate you, sometimes they are blessings to us because it help us to work on our weakness and get back stronger than before, they gives us the chance to inprove our performance.
  4. I believe you mate, hard work and determination is required for every success, patience is the remedy for every struggle we have made without patient nothing can be archive and if you want to grow you must work hard for your future.
  5. Yes I believe you mate, we should always do our own research in other to create new topics that are useful and interesting, this will help the forum grow rapidly, research will help us have more ideas and post with unique content.
  6. Cryptocurrencies is beneficiary because you can use it for multiple reasons like online transaction and also investing it in yobit, it's also a way to acquire knowledge.
  7. As a member of this great forum try to follow the rules and regulations of the plartform in other to avoid banned.
  8. Always be serious with your work don't jeopardize with it always make sure you put hard work and dedication, sincerity and commitment to your work it's very important, if you want to earn in this forum you must work hard.
  9. Thank you for sharing such an vital information, the keys of every successful life must be build with patience every beautiful successful story is achieve with patience and also hard work without hard work nothing good can be archive with laziness, time management is also important without time frame nothing can be archive every success needs time, rules and regulations also contributed to your success without you following the rules of regulations nothing can be archive.
  10. I generally check my post before posting in other to avoid spam and deleting and also investment project is encouraging and perfect.
  11. What encourage me to join cryptocurrency is I will have Idea about New things that I don't know they're in existence and have knowledge about them. @Cryptonas
  12. Greetings to everyone in this forum I don't think we can earn 10USD because is not a easy task, but we're entitled to earn up to 5 to 7 dollars but if we are in cryptocurrency trading we have the opportunity to earn more.
  13. Warning point are not good I don't pray have one, you have to follow the rules and regulations of the plartform in other not to get a warning point, my wish to everyone in this great forum is may we not get a warning point.
  14. The maximum of 100 post is 50 to 70 per day in other to make useful content, it's better for you to complete it within 2 days this will give you more idea about how to handle the 20 daily post you will start in the day.
  15. In my opinion I advice you to seek for more knowledge about investment so it will help you it's very important to know what investment is all about.
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