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  1. I believe you investment is good but before you invest in any trades or currency, make sure you have ideas about it you can't just invest is not advisable observe the validity of the market if the price is low then you can buy and invest for future and if price rise you sell and get a good profit.
  2. First you are welcome to this platform my advice for you is read the rules and regulations before proceeding to attempt anything, after reading the rules of the plartform make sure you post useful information and don't cheat rating don't copy and paste, don't post useless post.
  3. Yes I believe you there is a lot of site you open and play games but you don't earn anything compare to cryptotalk plartform, Don't play games in any site you don't trust because it might be a scam.
  4. It is advisable to wait and observe how things move because now is not the right time to sell talk tokens because the price is not balance, so is better to be patient and wait for the right time to sell.
  5. I believe you mate I think for a good reputation and follow all we need to do is keep on posting useful information and quality content that is useful to the plartform. @Ch Ayyan
  6. I believe you mate yobit is the best exchanger it has numerous features on the yobit exchange you invest the tokens in the invest box and get benefits from this, it also enable you to trade on it and get a good profit.
  7. I believe you mate yes some site are indeed waste of time because some are fraud, if you don't have any idea about any strange site don't invest in it because if you do you are just wasting your time.
  8. Thank you mate what a great help to us I have tried it and it has worked out for me thanks for sharing such an useful information to this platform, because notification that says we got reputation is very important to us and amazing. Thank you
  9. indeed I'm a new member in this platform I don't have enough knowledge or idea on how to register on cryptotalk plartform but I'm looking forward to learn through the old members who have ideas about it I'm glad to be in this forum.
  10. I agree with you mate in this platform senior members create useful topics in the forum and we must make use of it and learn to gain knowledge and share it with others members of the plartform. @Biojay
  11. The reason why your post is deleted is the post does not have quality content and the information is not useful so The moderators of the plartform will eventually delete it, in other to avoid deletion of your post follow the rules and regulations make sure you post useful content that is up to 100 characters.
  12. Yes I believe you cryptotalk is a skilled that can be learn as well as reading and researching through the platform, we learn online trading and currency exchange market if the price of the commodity has fallen or rise through this you will have the knowledge on how to invest and gain profit.
  13. Actually I don't know why your own is like that because when I'm registering I use only one Gmail account for both yobit and cryptocurrency but this might be due to any error in creating the Gmail account but I suggest you cordially check it properly.
  14. Yes I believe you the platform add additional income by making your 20 post useful and rellevance if your post are useful and earn reputation then you will have 10 tokens per each.
  15. As a beginner you need a very strong password and don't share it to anyone online on any site, don't register with your information on any site you don't trust and make sure you investigate any site you you want to register if it's legit.
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