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  1. What encourages me is the economic need that my country is going through and that every time our country devalues more and I believe that cryptocurrencies are a feasible way to invest to have an extra profit.
  2. That is why to invest, I already know a little of your capital or everything, you always have to do a preliminary study to see if it is feasible to invest in said platform.
  3. In my short experience with the handling of the exchanges it was gratifying because I did not experience any scam but I am not exempt that some time it may occur.
  4. I will be honest in my answer, I came to this platform to be able to make the posts and to win the Yobit airdrop. But as I have been using it I can say that I find it interesting and I will continue to use it but not to reach a higher position because it is not my interest.
  5. What I can tell you depends on many variants because I am also from Argentina and will influence the province you live in. That would not have to happen but there are provinces that have their privileges in taxes, jobs, etc. In my province, if I take stock of how much time I would have to save to get 1 BTC, it is four and a half years.
  6. Excellent, your answer solves the doubts I had about the initial coin offering (ICO). Now I can find more information to make new posts.
  7. Yesterday I was evaluating this topic and can come to a conclusion that I spent almost all day trying to write and comment on the posts of other users.
  8. An excellent explanation of what an airdrop is. You removed all the doubts that I had, thank you very much. Now what I wonder if an airdrop is free, is profitable for the company?
  9. Good night, I fully share your opinion, it is best to have dollars in your wallet. I am also from Argentina and with the new stocks it is impossible to get dollarized, so we look for alternatives like Yobit to be able to get out, that more than leaving will say to survive this crisis that is hitting the country.
  10. My trading platform was always binace but a few months ago I started trading with Yobit and I can say that its interface is very good.
  11. At the moment I have invested my capital in several cryptographic projects, some to name it would be "BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB" I know that some of these cryptos the price these days was very FLUCTUOUS but I know that they are crypto that has lasted in the time and so it will follow.
  12. Good morning with respect to income and profits, I can say that they are invested again in a project or some crypto so that in the future it has a profitability and so I can improve the economy of my home.
  13. Good night what good information are you saying I did not know that browser and I will find out more about this browser. Thank you very much.
  14. Good afternoon, in my opinion, cryptocurrencies are the biggest investment and I don't consider it a scam at all, otherwise it helps society a lot to be more connected to this digital world.
  15. Я думаю, что это отличное предложение для банков, потому что банкам пора начать оцифровку, чтобы иметь больший контроль, безопасность и преимущества для клиентов.
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