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  1. With or without KYC, any exchange is open to attack, I think KYC is not what makes an exchange secure. I have been on Binance for a long time, but I don't like the idea of sharing my personal information on all pages. I've also been on Yobit for a few years and it has worked well for me so far.
  2. Of course! I'm just receiving the first payments, and well, it makes me feel motivated to create better posts. I know that for some people it may be little money, but I think that if what we earn here we invest it well, we could get more profits, and I personally am happy with that.
  3. I honestly do not recommend it, because this can be a double-edged sword, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies and the security of your data. Get good advice and then, when you feel safe, you make the decision, I hope it is the most convenient for you.
  4. Well, my language is Spanish, and although I have a little knowledge in English, I also help myself with the translator, I know that most of the time I make mistakes because I don't speak it perfectly, but the important thing here is that I follow the rules of the forum and that the posts are written in the allowed languages. As for answering a post, I agree that it should be done concerning the main topic, not just writing for writing, and not answering nonsensical things, just to make a profit.
  5. You can go testing with a small percentage, with coins like Water that gives you a 3% profit, and you follow up, so you can know if it is profitable or not. That's what I', doing at the moment and I like it, so I'll gradually increase the amount of investment. If you decide to do it, I hope you do well :)
  6. What I want the most is to stay as far away as possible from those bots, I've had enough of them. The only ones that I follow are those of the pages that are reliable, the rest nothing more.
  7. Ok, so I'd think twice before reporting someone. In pages where I have been this report is made in a private way, I don't understand why in this forum is different. The last thing I want is a wave of reports against me for revenge. I hope that changes.
  8. Yeah! There are many faucets that don't pay a quarter of dollar in a week and some don't even pay after spending so much time on them. I like the idea of earning at least $3 a day here, I can imagine what I will be doing with those earnings, how nice! Thanks for sharing this with us! Happy weekend :)
  9. Yes, sometimes and idea comes to mind and I search the page for a post related to that topic and I find a very large amount of spam with the same title, but I always try to take the one that is best written. Many new users prefer to type anything before doing some research and sadly that's not easy to control. I hope the admin can find a solution soon.
  10. That's right, many of these sites promise you the sky and the stars if you invest with them, but you have to be very suspicious because they don't give much of that. There are many ways to find out if a site is legitimate or not, but not everyone knows it and that is when they fall for these scammers. I always try to recommend to people I know, that they check the site link well, and that they verify it on Trustscam page.
  11. Well, some people never take criticism as something constructive, and it becomes easier for them to blame other for their failures that to accept that they are doing things wrong, and to correct them. This fact on the part of the spammer only shows his little importance to improve and much less care about the people with whom he shares in this community and people like that spammer are better off not having in the forum. I hope your friend solved it :)
  12. In my opinion, this is the worst way to earn money. Downloading apps constantly can damage your mobile and the worst thing is that they can steal your data. The truth is I don't trust them at all, and also, the rewards obtained with this are very low.
  13. Why? What's the rush in gaining followers? I think that when you are a newbie to this page it's better to follow experienced members and you can learn from them to focus on creating better posts, and with quality content, you will get more followers.
  14. It is best to save the password on a personal agenda, it takes longer to write it letter by letter than copy and paste directly from your PC, but it is more secure, or you could also use Nano Ledger to avoid so many complications and feel safe. And regarding leaving the coins on an exchange, sometimes it's unavoidable when you are an active trader, so, sometimes you have to take the risk.
  15. Well, I think that could be allowed, if we give the people who created the original post the credit it deserves. Being honest and not plagiarism.
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