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  1. Pumping and dumping is rule of market and we cannot work based upon luck. Your case is related to lack of knowledge. If price rises or falls experienced people never become panic because they know price would rise or fall after this. So they take very less wrong actions. May be your buying and selling decisions are at wrong places. Resistence and support level, consolidation and many more factors helps to take right actions. So first learn technical analysis.
  2. I do not think it would work because these sensors could effect human body so people would not like to use them. Also we should do hard tasks to increase pulse rate for mining. So it looks difficult. Also investment would be huge to arrange these sensors.
  3. But you have selected those coins which have very low volume. And they have raised at high percentages. These types of coins are manipulated mostly thats why they rise with high rate. Due to low volume they could be easily manipulated.
  4. Corona virus has made the fate of crypto market because traditional system is collapsed and crypto is surviving. Now people would shift to crypto for their safe investments. I think after this crisis crypto would grow like anything.
  5. I am agree with you that bitcoin is not promoted in right way but I think when people think that money could not exist without governments involvement then how bitcoin could work. They think that it is just a scam because no one is responsible for crypto. In fiat governments take all responsibility of currency's value.
  6. Ethereum is top altcoin and it is second ranked coin after btc. Many altcoins are developed on ethereum blockchain may be due to this reason many people say ethereum is father of other altcoins. If you see all altcoins including ethereum then btc is father of all.
  7. This book is made for bankless economies. Book has 15 chapters and it tells how decentralized system would work. It is good campaign by coingecko to provide free book. If get your copy link not works then click on full link, you will be there.
  8. If you see crypto currencies have uses of assets and money. At the moment crypto is spreading so its price is rising with increasing demand so mostly people using it only as asset for speculation but it also used as money. Crypto is introduced to solve the problems faced by fiat system so crypto has main use of money. But crypto is working on blockchain which has several uses but it is different case.
  9. Definately high value of crypto help to earn more profits. We are here to collect some coins and hold for future, when their price would rise we will get profits. We are only working in crypto because its price would rise in future.
  10. Also coinbase has disclose that crypto users are increased on coinbase by 6% since the market has fallen in last month. Coinbase is told that many retailers are started using crypto now.
  11. If binance acquire coinmarketcap then effectiveness of coinmarketcap would reduce because binance would manipulate it. Any site which provide detailed information about crypto should be independent. I think due to this users of coinmarketcap would shift to other platforms.
  12. Printing new money in economy is not good for long run. Even now USA is printing 6 trillons dollars to protect wallstreet. It could protect economy from present situation but it would have negative effect for long run. Value of usd would fall too much. And smart people who know about this they already moving to crypto as they know usd would loss its value.
  13. This is not good news for crypto because if people would addicted to crypto and go beyond the reality then governments could take action against crypto. People have made wrong assumption that crypto would make them rich in short. Thats why they are crazy and trusting on crypto but if they would face loss they could attempt suicide even. It is not positive sign for crypto.
  14. I am totally agree with you and want to say everyone that no one site gives us free earning. I have wasted too much time to earn on different sites. Almost every cloud mining site is scam. Cryptotalk and bitcointalk are only sites in this world which giving us earning. Trading and holding are only methods to earn crypto.
  15. I have seen when we exchange btc to ltc then some satoshis of btc remained in btc balance. Although I have selected maximum amount to exchange. But this problem is not with withdrawal system. Just select the maximum amount while withdrawing. May it would be system problem.
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