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  1. Yes reputation is only for those who are posting the quality content & we must do so if we want to avoid anything spam in the forum. So we must only upvote the useful & meaningful content.
  2. Yes you are saying the right thing but all these tings are due to the lack of patience & they do so because they do not understand the actual situation.
  3. Hello,Sir i read your reply in one of the topics that the users removed from the countries that are prohibited can get their position back to earn some bucks if they have created topics & original content & their accounts would be audited. So, I messaged you in the personal messenger as you mentioned in that topic. But still not got any response as i done so about a month ago. Please check my profile & give me some response. You just replied me with a + sign.
  4. I think that No. There are some reasons. The. Price is only pumped by the yobit exchange platform. The YO town is not accepted as a payment method on some famous POS or any online platform It is also not listed on many BG exchanges & most of its volume is derived by the yobit exchange itself.
  5. I expect a good global presence from.cryptotalk after 10 years. I think that it can beat bitcointalk if it invest some amount on marketing as well as also improve its community standards & moderate the content properly on regular basis.
  6. Yes many global events effects the price of cryptocurrencies such as high downfall in prices of US dollar cause a sudden bump in bitcoin price since last 15 days & it achieved a price of $9700+.
  7. Yes ofcource but the most safe method is trading crypto or stocks that have a stable condition from long time. There are some cryptocurrency that remain almost stable from their I itial point such as dogecoin even in days when the market was dumping.
  8. Yes I can teach you in a perfect way. Yobt is a multifunctional exchange with hybrid feature & no limitation of the regulations put on crypto.
  9. No strategy just means that you won't be in loss ever. You always in profit & never get a loss this insures your strategy.
  10. No but with the passage of time the bitcoin's price will stabilize itself as such as t can & it will happen soon. So w don't have to worry about these things & just be straight forword.
  11. Yes you are right. A lit of bitcoin are lost just beacusetheir owner forest the wallet passwords or lost the wallet backup & this must be considered as burned coins.
  12. I don't remember when was this forum born but however if years u are a technical person then check their DNS history this will elp to find their exact launching date.
  13. Yes so straight to the question. How does a bitcoin address is generated. It is generated by using sudo random techniques. A format is already decided & any address within it can be generated but cannot be regenerated.
  14. Yes its very good opinion you gave us. You say d reason ght that new & fresh informative content will get better presence & you all be getting better community ranking.
  15. So you mean that you offer free trading training & consulting to.anyone willingly to earn better amount of money. So you are a gdman if you are doing so.
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