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  1. Hello everyone, I haven't understand how get 1%youda benefits daily,after deleting the post, we should gambling with dice!!, what's to proceed??,
  2. It's good for group Esprit's, make strategy together, to fammyliarised to the crypto world,bug last time,we see lots of scammers envahised telegram with fake bot and shiet crypto,so should be use it carefully..
  3. Thank you for posing this question... Because I need to understand the condition to be eligible to payment... Many people pose only comments.I pose lot of interesting topic..but I am interested to know Moor information About fonctionnement.
  4. I am just biggener in this site but I think it's one of best sites ever..because his rules are simple... The concept and the conception is acceptable.. and all users saying his ligit and good payeer..
  5. 1. Investing in a small project: This option is suitable for many to invest their money. It is possible to search for a project that fits the amount of the amount, or even to rely on a micro-project that does not require a lot of money. And small projects that require small capital need more effort and time in return. 2 .. Trading in financial markets: With a small amount, you can trade in the financial markets, such as stock and foreign exchange markets. Since you don't have a lot of money and want to invest only a small amount, But do not forget that when you invest in foreign currencies, you run the risk of losing your money partially or completely. Therefore, before starting any trading process, you must be familiar with the basics and principles of financial market operation. 3. Investing in Learning: And it is absolutely important. Two months ago, I did not even know that there is a thing called digital currencies, but with learning and knowledge today we can say that I started the first way. You can invest a small amount in learning a skill or several skills that may enable you to achieve income in the future, and there are currently many platforms Educational sites and sites that offer detailed lessons and training courses in all areas imaginable. You can also buy e-books to learn a new skill instead of paper books, which are always expensive compared to e-books. One of the best areas that may enable you to achieve financial return is in the areas of e-marketing and the manufacture of mobile and mobile applications. In order to be able to succeed in one of these areas, you will not need a major initial investment in order to learn or master the necessary skills....
  6. want to give thank for your nice information about how to succesd cryptotalk and you point out reall easy and useful tips. I will follow your tips.
  7. utsr3pmhb - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each [email protected]
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