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  1. Definitely one has to trade bitcoin to earn involves buying and selling. And all traders motive is to earn is just to buy and hold for it to rise then sell to make profit.
  2. For one to get good reputation isn't hard,just make sure you either post or comment with useful and meaningful post which isn't deviating from the topic posted.
  3. I don't think it is by force to comment in English, if one doesnt understand it.Better still, one should comment in their own language in which they understood very well.
  4. Posting meaningless content all because one want to reach 100 post is just like wasting ones time,any meaningless content posted attract negative reaction which would hinder payment even after reaching 100 post.
  5. No one loves it like I indeed do,because am enjoying every bit of information shared daily,which always keep me alive and updated of what its needed.
  6. Following those with high rank makes us learn from their post because they know the rules and regulations and always abiding to them,which will make one a better writer of good and useful information in the forum.
  7. The best time to trade is when the market is volatile,like currency pair market, the time to trade differs per country.and whenever market is inactive, the volatile goes low and no profit could be made with such market.
  8. The issue of banning countries from accessing cryptotalk won't promote the popularity of the forum, instead they should allow all countries but strict with the rules and regulations of writing I.e quality and useful content must be posted and avoid plagiarism.
  9. Thanks for the information, I can now know the number of people that gives positive reaction and negative reaction. This will indeed help us to know how to improve our write-up
  10. You are definitely right,lot of scammer using kyc means to steal people information to fraud them all in the name of airdrop,its high time we are smart about cryptocurrency, and not fall as victim.
  11. Have done faucets way of earning cryptocurrency, To me is a waste of time and resources to earn extremely small amount of coin and there is nothing interesting in it,unlike cryptotalk where you share your ideas on interesting topics and earn as you post.
  12. Spam had reduced due to the hard work of both the admin and moderator by dealing with any individual spamming and causing rowdiness in the forum.The only thing is that newbie should be well informed about the rules of the forum.
  13. You are right, one have to make sufficient details about the exchanger for investing before jumping into it for investment or else one might fall into scammer trap
  14. The only means to be self employed is by making money online either through engaging yourself to forex trading,online Marketing,online writer like cryptotalk where you earn for posting.
  15. Thanks for this insight you gave for newbie to know more about bitcoin,it will really go a very long way for them to be well informed about bitcoin. Yes,the website is well informative about bitcoin for newbie into I wish more website is published to broaden newbies knowledge about bitcoin.
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