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  1. Next payouts will occur upon reaching useful posts: XXXXXCurrent number of useful forum posts: XXXXXX HI there to all the members here and to all the staff. Its been a long time of being active but still reading lots here. I hope the forum admins and its moderator to consider how to get back all old members and be active here again and share informations. Is there a posibility that you can reset the count of post? those deleted post are the walls for some members to be back. @Bigpat @Admin @epidemia @Desais thank you in advance!
  2. definitely, if you have big funds on your wallet you are the one that can manipulate the market to gather more. IF you are that rich and smart enough you will gather more people like you to have a core and be more powerful together to get more and be richer.
  3. love your content and your work β™₯β™₯β™₯

  4. I know what you want and that is the best for the quality of the forum. But lets not forget that there are so many members of this forum has no choice but to post on this language because they dont have the section for their first language. Unlike Russian, they can choose to write here or there. As long as there is no place to fit in, people will got and write English in anyway they can.
  5. Want you back

  6. I don't want to encourage some people here in my place but only my close relatives. There are so many people believes that this Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a scam due to mainstream media reports and news having BTC used in pyramiding.
  7. from what country are you from? Yes, that is true. COINS.PH is the number one and major wallet in the Philippines and they are regulated and have the licence to operate which the government tax them, this will make them good on their business. we in the PH having the privilege to use it here but not for all but soon maybe. some hospital accepts BTC because of this wallet.
  8. Can you have the update of this statistics as of today? there were some trouble before or a warning in this forum. I would like to know the counts today as i lost more than 200 post πŸ˜„ But its all okay. I think there were a massive deletion on the English section, i hope this will get us better but still waiting also on the Russian sections.
  9. cryptokram

    I'm lost

    But still you need to be in the top 50 or 48th if you want to see your real time post count. You need to be in those ranks, this is still not good for all the users. but i hope they can do about this soon.
  10. Just make sure to post on a good topic and be on topic. There are so many of them that are getting deleted, the moderators are cleaning the forum from unwanted topics and post so beware.
  11. There were no rules yet on that day, that is why i wrote that comment. But some days go on and the forum posted an official rules from consignee, which makes the community better.
  12. signature area are meant for banners of the project (future or ongoing). This mostly use in signature campaigns promoting one project. As for now we can use it in this forum on our own likes. no project ongoing here πŸ™‚
  13. All gone by now πŸ˜„ i bought some good coins to keep and wait for the bull run. I also bought some physical coins and joined some raffles and auction in X forum. πŸ˜„ All i can give you now is a smile from me.
  14. compensate? share it to you? I thought you are my biggest fan who follows my post and comments here, i've been talking about language since start. tsk tsk you dont have that πŸ˜„
  15. Thank you for the kind words that you want to say on me, this will boost my enthusiasm on having on this forum. You guys like you will remain the best on having me here !
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