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  1. Telegram is really unique for promoting any kind of project including crypto. It is a great part of the crypto world.
  2. I think it is just impossible because all addresses are unique and we can't type others wallet intentionaly if we want. If it reaches i will repay it.
  3. How much i need to pay for hiding my transactio information from blockchain? i have no hardware wallet but i am interested in this option. is it possible?
  4. Yeah patience is the key to success not only in crypto world but also in our real life. Knowledge also plays a vital role to be successful in crypto world. first of all, we must remove the hope from our mind that we are going to be richest instantly.
  5. When i buy a coin and see other are selling ( though a little amount) we think this is our wrong entry and we leave market. after few time, the coin pumps. so, everything happend only for our anxity. we should be patient in order to defeat our fear
  6. yes i can choose crypto as my full time job. i will work all the hour in crypto world if i can realize that i am really qualified in this platform.so, i can.
  7. eos is a great coin and it has the fastest blockchain system in my opinion. Though bitcoin is the king of all the cryptocurrencies, its transaction time is really too much😒
  8. I think we will see bull run in 2020 because of upcoming bitcoin halving in the mid year. price will decrease at the first time and panic people will sell btc that time when clever will buy and hold. this will cause the bull,,,
  9. Firstly, those content creators just say these talkies easily in order to make their contents interesting. Bitcoin may reach 1 million usd in value but it will not be possible in only 10 years in my opinion
  10. Really it is a matter of regret that, every year a tons of satoshi are getting lost for sudden death of crypto holders. i think, we all should tell about our wallet to our nearest one. Because we are totally anonymous in crypto world.
  11. First of all, don't listen to others while choosing a cryptocurrency for holding. Because everybody just suggest that coins they are holding. Choose reputed exchanges and coins to exist in crypto.
  12. Today is a great day for bitcoin lovers like me because bitcoin crosse 10 thousands usd today after a long time. I think we will see such a good movements now.
  13. Actually electricity bills are greatly related with mining cryptocurrencies. It is really cheap in china and so they did such a great step which is really very good for crypto world.
  14. Total crypto market capitalization is more than a third world single nations total physical money! it is increasing day by day. i so, it is not impossible my dear.
  15. Don't leave bitcoin now. It is not as easy as you said. so, just go with the world and take advantages of this nice project. Bitcoin is being more popular and you guyz are trying to leave it!
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