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  1. yes the demand is increasing day by day but it is not the most used cryptocurrency bro if you go to coinmarketcap then you can see that usdt volume is more than btc
  2. If a cryptocurrency is backed by an expensive metal such as gold, silver or any others, then people become more interested about the coin and invest on the project.
  3. Yes i think and also saw these type of people. At the very beginning, they just run before money without understanding market. followed many fake signal providers and faced loss.
  4. I also prefer this addiction. if we become addicted in crypto world, we will be able to learn the market properly and earn a lot of money from crypto world.
  5. Last month, i got about 80 usd from cryototalk and about 100 usd from bitcointalk. in my trading account, i calculated about 300 usd profit. it was a good earning for me.
  6. we will be able to see the bitcoin halving in the year 2020. many people are saying the price will pump hard after this but not 50k in my opinion.
  7. forum is a great part of my daily life. i like to spend my time to read crypto news and strategies. nowadays, i can also earn from bitcointalk and cryptotalk.
  8. Yes i took my Zcash in a wallet and earned same amount YCash in a fork. but i think we should use hardware wallets to ensure the security of our coins.
  9. According to the practical way, bitcoin is not a dream and it is not a fantasy world. we need to work hard to make the best use of bitcoin. we need a lot of knowledge
  10. We often use same password in every site. if we create and account in a scam site, they will use our username and password in other sites and we may lose our money.
  11. you are right. i don't think i need to work more because i already worked hard. i will change it to usd and keep in bank. they will give me interest.
  12. yes we will be able to cash out from our crypto account easily if government or a good company give us the opportunity to use crypto ATM in our town.
  13. Bitcoin is already in a dump price now. it is in near 7000+ usd. in this week it may go up to 8000. i don't think it will dump more and reach in 5000
  14. Yes. every week, many altcoins are coming to market and listing in coinmarketcap. then they are again being delisted for bad service. it is a reason.
  15. When we want to make a transection of a good amount through banks, we have to pay a great amount as fees. in bitcoin transection, we can escape from this.
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