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  1. I was active there in 2016 when bitcoin was very low and as I said when bitcoin went up I stop doing faucets because solving thousands recaptcha's wasn't enough to cover withdraw fees. My biggest reward there was 20$ but I know one person who has won 200$. Now when I look at it, it was waste of time.
  2. I like slots because of high payouts and lately software developers are making slots to look like games where player need to collect something to get reward, usually followed by lower house edge than old slots had. And I used to play texas holdem in the past but I can't find crypto related site with enough players on it or site without cheaters (I won't name it). What type of gambling do you prefer, what is your poison and why?
  3. Thread for this contest is here: Take your time to read it. Does anyone know until when will 1000 reward be active? Admin said: Does it mean we will always get 1000 satoshi per post?
  4. I have heard of wasabi wallet capable of doing tumbling but it was long time ago and I forgot about which wallet it was. Thanks for this, I will look into both wallets.
  5. Can you suggest one? You can never know when mixer will close service or like what is going on lately, get seized by authorities, it would be shame if that happens whilst having funds there.
  6. xzibit


    I have bookmarked exchanges I use, researched links before joining them and I check links before visiting them. There is no room for phishing, just don't click on something in rush, don't forget to check links you are visiting and you will be fine.
  7. I concur, it should be separated. I would also like to add that we need separate boards for wallets and for projects which are not in ICO stage. Discussing everything in one board will make it messy and hard to browse. What is admin's opinion on forum giveaways?
  8. I was collecting all coins I could collect and I finally ended up with wallet full of shitcoins. I sold some of them for peanuts but mostly they are dead coins which no one really wants. No development, no trading volume, no nothing, I don't know why yobit does not want to unlist them.
  9. I was thinking about 0.005 btc a week for now, I think this is fair price since there is no character restriction in signature area and forum is new. I know, but users and services will eventually come here, just give it some time.
  10. I am renting my signature area, send me private message or post your offers in this thread. I am very active user, I like good discussion and post a lot.
  11. I have read many complains about nova exchange, apparently they screwed many users by asking them documents, when users have sent them documents they did nothing. Something has to be wrong when many users are complaining about it.
  12. Yes, allowing pictures in signatures is much better than what you can put on other forums, it is easier and there is no need to hire someone to create you a nice signature, I am just saying that you can place something in signature which will take too many space and it will look very ugly. Imagine looking at someone's signature on whole screen.
  13. I am sure I can't win any prize because I won't be able to post that much, just saying that some users have great advantage over others. 30 posts is a lot and I see some users already have 200+ posts so who will beat that? I am sure they just won't let that advantage go.
  14. No, this is for cryptotalk users, for one post you will get 1000 satoshi. In bitcointalk is signature campaign for this forum, you can participate here and there if you wish.
  15. Yes, opinions are subjective, but here is one thing you can do which will be very useful if you don't want to see signature. You can ignore signatures from users you don't want to see, just click on button next to signature and pick first option 🙂
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