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  1. Usually i dont trust any of it IEO or ICO, But i prefer IEO more than ICO because at lest you dont need long time to wait until token listed on some exchange, IEO already on the exchange and when it finish you can trade instantly in this exchange.
  2. Good saying my friend this is the simple rules in this forum many member dont care about and get warning point because of it, It is not difficult to do this simple rules and post what you want and you should avoid banning.
  3. 3.thumb.png.437201f46cbb22be7b4daa471e9f8914.png

    What a wise word is this ..........................

  4. I think so friend, the Nakamoto's dream has been lost, Because of this people run after their greed and those important countries that work hard to make world under control. But i sure the world must be change
  5. Maybe you not lose money but at lest you waste you time and if this site scam maybe steal you password and other important information from you. So you must very careful with this sites and dont use you main password but use different password.
  6. I have wide experience withe cloud mining and devices mining And i never trust with cloud mining companies it is almost scam, we can ask simple question if this mining profit why then they by you this hash power mining? In other words if you can make profit by mining some device why you sell this device????
  7. I remember the worst trade i do that i buy MEME token the price was 0.00000030 ETH so i buy big amount and wait some time it is first rise then it is begin downing until 0.00000001 ETH finally it became in Doge pair and still down until it worthless i wait for long time but it never up and i lose all my money.
  8. Sell depend on what price you buy and vice versa. So simply if you buy some coin with x price and this price up to point you see it good you can then sell it and get good profit. This is the simplest rule in trading and all people know it.
  9. This is a new exchange and this coin Char is token for this exchange I dont know about this exchange but i enter their site charex.io and see that no coin on this exchange their are only Char token and BTC, ETH, USDT I dont trust exchange like that
  10. I completely agree withe you, if we want building a constructive forum should be Committed with basic rules in our treat each other. There is Troublesome things that we all must avoid it. For example: Somebody have Kind of arrogance and feel himself better than other, And there who uses unkind words, this things and other things like that maybe simple but we must avoid all thing and focus on Cryptoworld discussions with respect for all.
  11. I never afraid if bittrex is shutting down because already bittrex dont work in my county . So i never work in bittrex , But i dont understand those people what they do? They destroyed the main goal that Bitcoin was made for it. We need open wold but some one dont like that!!!!!!
  12. We all have daydream different from one to other, one dream to be rich, other to buy car, other to bu house...etc I have simple dream that i have enough money to live happy life with my family and dont worry from future.
  13. Opposite  tall and short vector illustration

    Life is very sort!!! So dont use URL Shortener 

  14. It is real fact to me that people will use Digital currency more than the normal currencies in the future, and i go farther than and think that the normal currencies will be Disappears in the future. Future for Digital currency and this shouldn't take long time as i guess.
  15. For me i prefer crypto wallet sure, But i think both is necessary you cant depend at crypto wallet always in the real world because until now there many services dont accept crypto so you must use fiat or bank account. I sure in future the whole world will become digital and cryptoworld.
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