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  1. I understand but there is another risk you didn't take into account. Sometimes the seller's account gets hacked and if that happens it doesn't matter if the account of the seller was trusted or not because you won't be dealing with the guy you think you'll do.
  2. I think we will see a new all time high price in the next year or in 2021 at worse. After the halvening the block reward for the miners will be half of what it is now and it will create a supply shock which is going to drive the price higher. It always happened like that this time is no different.
  3. In the long run, absolutely. This year? May be. Can't say anything for sure. Did you see the long term bitcoin chart? It has been going only one way. UP. Because it is designed that way.
  4. Learning skills important. Anything counts. Did you see which people spam the board mostly? It is the people who don't know how to speak English. Even knowing English makes you money in this forum and bitcointalk. If this isn't enough then learn to code, python, c++, javascript whatever you like the most.
  5. That article is stupid. They say coinbase is the best wallet. Lol that's not even close. Blockchain and coinbase are online wallets and online wallets are never good. You want to have your own privte keys these are the wallets you want to use, not the online wallets.
  6. I am just looking at simple weekly chart with a big moving average. 200 wma was it probably. According to that chart ~$6k is the bottom and we may get there soon but of course it is not certain. It is just, if we get there, don't forget to buy.
  7. I don't know where you saw that statement but it is not right. You can always create a backup of your funds with electrum. If your computer crashes, you only lose the copy stored in your computer. Extract your private keys and write them down and tou will be fine.
  8. No you don't. You can always export your private keys and write them down on a piece of paper. Alternatively you can store your wallet files on a USB drive too. Electrum is by far better than blockchain wallet. You should try it imo.
  9. I would rather invest that $5 in bitcoin and unlike lottery, I am know bitcoin will make me money in the future. Compared to lottery, bitcoin offers much more bang for your buck. After the halvening next year it will moon again.
  10. Maybe you should start small at first. freebitco.in used to be a tiny shitty faucet once and now it is the market leader and making shit loads of money. If you manage to run a small casino then you can always expand it.
  11. Do you have enough money to fund the casino? That's what you need the most. In other means you need money to make money. 😉 Then you need to hire people to take of your casino. Security and maintenance is very important.
  12. I know it is not impossible but still very hard and you can lose capital while trying which is not cool. I would rather work and try other ways to get rich, like investing in crypto. It is being said that btc will reach $100k in a few years I believe that would be enough for me.
  13. I don't recommend blockchain.info wallets. First it is an online wallet which is not as secure as a desktop wallet because as far as I know they don't let you have your own private keys which is a deal breaker. Use desktop electrum wallet it is by far better than blockchain wallet. You can have you private keys and you can set your own transaction fee.
  14. I never become a huge gamber but I was close to become one. I used to dream of getting rich from gambling too. But after educating myself and learned some basic math, I understood it is pretty impossible to achieve this. Being the house is better but it has its own risks too. I tend to stay away from it all together. Making small bets from time to time though.
  15. This chart doesn't look good. According to that chard we are heading to $7.5k which is not nice. I hope it breaks upwards and we end the month above $10k other wise we will be testing $6k and nobody wants that here probably.
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