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  1. That is also true. Being emotional is almost always makes you lose money. It is the same when trading, it is the same when gambling. When you deal with money you need to put your emotions aside and act like a robot. Otherwise, you'll lose money.
  2. The faucet is not a scam. The provability system works as it should. The only people who say otherwise are the ones who tried to scam the website. I am using this website for years and never had any problems. It made me quite good amount of bitcoins.
  3. I didn't always won, I just didn't play too much that's all. To be honest I am not sure how much I lost but I know It is not that much. I won by not playing I guess. It is not easy to resist though.
  4. Litecoin is pretty good if you want to diverse your risk. Eth, monero, doge are the other alternatives but none of them are as promising as bitcoin. If you are bored of btc you may try but don't over do it. You may never get the same amounts of btc back.
  5. Low volume coins are not good. When you try to cash out, you won't find any buyers, how are you planning to get to USD then? It will be impossible to leave your position. Stay away from these coins. Always go after with the coins with good liquidity like btc
  6. Different exchanges, different markets. All of these exchanges has their own market makers. For example CEX.io has always a higher price than most of other exchanges. Both buy and sell price are higher there. At least it was when i checked last time.
  7. Put a link in your signature in this forum and bitcointalk. It will not happen instantly but you will gather people 1 by 1 in time. You can also try to post your link on other forums (other than btt and this forum because posting referral links is prohibited)
  8. Read my comment above. Yes It used to give 500 sats but these times are gone. Think about how much 20-30 sats will look like in a few years. If you don't want to cry again like you are doing now, start collecting these free sats and you will be very happy in a few years.
  9. You should try immediately. It doesn't look like you'll be making a fortune out of this website at first but when you start collecting a few bits from here and there after a time that passive interest payments work wonders. You need to build referrals too.
  10. That's the risk you take when you keep coins on an exchange, they can force that stupid KYC and seize your funds at any time till you provide the necessary documents. That's a big risk imo. Don't keep more than you could afford to lose on an exchange.
  11. And yet some people, they still choose to join these scams and HYIP owners know this very well. That's why they keep making them over and over again. It is like a endless source of money for them. Once they make a successful one, there will always more following the first one.
  12. There was a legendary HYIP years ago, its name was something like "cointellect" If my memory serves me right and it lasted months. Maybe a year or more. People thought they didn't have to work for the rest of their lives till the owner ran away with the money. Moral of the story, yes it always ends the same way.
  13. So many people are aware of this but sometimes they just want to try their luck. If they can get away before the starter of the HYIP decides to run away then make profits but it is still a hunge gamble and the chances to succeed is very small.
  14. 1millionClub

    Is mining dead?

    It is all about your electricity costs. If you can get it to nearly free or completely free, it could be the most profitable business ever. Directly converting the electricity > money. People are buying solar panels and wind generators just for this purpose lately.
  15. Bitcoin is doing its thing. Alts can't keep up because people are not interested in alts. They are interested in bitcoin. BAKKT, CME/ICE futures, Jack from Twitter, Lightning Network all of these are happening on bitcoin, not altcoins.
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