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  1. There’s no application for protecting your phone. If you want protecting your phone just not installing any application.
  2. There’s no application for earning high but there’s application for wasting your time for nothing or small amount.
  3. For me the best application and the trusted one is cctip and it’s partnership money whale .
  4. In my opinion, investing in a new coin is very risky, you must first learn about its project and invest small amount.
  5. It’s. Depends on your investment , if you invest big amount you can have big profit and also big loss.
  6. I f you just want to start trading you must first to learn about trading and analysis , then invest in the trusted exchange like Binance and yobit.
  7. Buy bitcoin with credit card it’s the safe ways, it’s more secure than buying from social media like telegram.
  8. Vmining is very profitable and without risk , it’s best than trading , you can surly take your profit every days.
  9. Yes yobit has high security than the biggest exchange, just invest and be sure that your funds will be safe .
  10. My technique in trading is to buy low and sell high , and choose the best coin with real project after investing.
  11. Bitcoin never die , it’s the next money , just buy and hold or you will regret in the future, because it’s price will be very high.
  12. Yes big investment give big profit and can be also big loss, because its need big knowledge and good strategy.
  13. Yes but it’s depends on your investment and your strategy . Earning every days it’s very difficult because the market is not stable.
  14. Days trading need a professional trader because it’s very risky and need best strategy , for me holding is more profitable than trading every days .
  15. The best trader know how to keep himself calm when the market drop , and not sell at loss , because it’s normal market dump and surly will rise again.
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