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  1. Well as time goes by the members of the forum keeps on increasing which is a sign that the forum is being recognized by the other people and aspiring peoples that want to learn cryptocurrency and at the same time earning here in the forum.
  2. Well, you just have to wait a little bit because there's some transaction is being verified so it took a minute before processing and approving your request, don't worry it will be sent to the address that you've provided.
  3. Well I recommend that you should first cure your addiction because more likely if you still continue that you will end up losing more money and waste your life, so try to control it first, no offense just a friendly advice.
  4. Wow that's nice, I thought that of I a user will get scammed then that's it but thanks for introducing this wonderful site that will give compensation if proven to be scammed that's nice thanks.
  5. Well thanks for sharing such good faucet site but can you also provide the proof that it really pays? Because of course, I have a hard time trusting immediately without proof. But anyway thanks.
  6. Well, don't worry its only natural because sometimes the exchange platform set or do pending transactions as many users maybe do a transaction at the same time and in order for the system to accumulate all the request proper the system needs to set or give pending transactions.
  7. Well being decentralize of cryptocurrency can be also a tool for those people that has bad intention to deceive people or in short on of those is laundering and it cant be prevented but it can be avoided with proper security and awareness of people or crypto holders.
  8. Well apparently then the whole world will adopt and accept the concept and usage of cryptocurrency in every country or the whole world and many people will be more business-minded and maybe the economy of one country will increase.
  9. Well, the more coins you store the more chances that you will earn from holding into it for long enough, let's take for example about bitcoin imagine if you buy lots of bitcoin from its lower price then you still hold it until now then maybe you will become one of the richest people in the world, right? So it's fine holding even if it's too long.
  10. Well, of course, I will recommend the top 3 cryptocurrency in the market and that is bitcoin, xrp, and eth, these days they show a significant growth and that growth opens an opportunity for the investors especially for traders and just loke what happened recently the price of bitcoin comes up to $10000 from $8000.
  11. Well, I don't know any sites or apps that can earn bitcoins or coins just by playing because I'm more focused on doing complex jobs and that makes me happy and satisfied so I suggest that I dont depend on earning coins just by playing games.
  12. Well to be precise reputation points is the converted heart reaction that a member receives in his contents and one heart reaction is equivalent to 1 reputation points and the members will receive it if he/she was deserving on that pointsm
  13. Well there is various of methods you can do in order to earn and that will be possible if you have the proper or enough knowledge in the specific field, for example in trading, of course, you need to learn on how it works and gain experience to avoid loss of money snd wrong decisions, you can also do posting jobs, bounty hunting, faucets, airdrops and joining in crypto projects.
  14. Well the things is that many new members keep on doing violations and wrong did to the forum, maybe because they still a newbies and don't know much about the rules and do's and dont's in the forum but that's why there is a warning point system and ban of account if they still do violations.
  15. Well right, mos the default interval for each post got updated to I think 2-3 minutes? Well, I'm not sure but I think it is reasonable and it's okay that they implemented it so that no one could do burst posting and spamming.
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