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  1. Actually some people who always try to manipulate the forum should be banned and restricted from the forum forever but there are some members who makes mistakes without knowing it and it would be unfair to banned such people who are working hard. I think that moderators take right desicion and there is no need to suggest any idea for them
  2. Right dear this forum is a great opportunity and idea to benefits the people in every sense like u mentioned. We can earn crypto coins and improve our English skills which helps u in every field and u can become a good writer. We can earn money as well as knowledge
  3. Right dear there are some people who think that they are enough smart and make randomly desicion and in last they fails. They need to go in more depth details and learn more about cryptocurrencies and respect the senior and gain some experience from them. Don't be so hasty and let the newcomers experience the things
  4. Dear @Astela there is no option to delete a post which means that u can't delete a post and remember there is an option to modify your post and u should edit your post for correction and tell them about why did u edit your post. U should edit your post as early as possible otherwise u would be subjected to a warning point but remember u can't delete your post
  5. Right dear because many websites charges for registration fee and specially they ask for investment which is something that discourage and distrust the people and in case of this forum , it's free to join and whatever the work u do is totally paid. It's a great platform
  6. Actually dear sometime this freeze the withdrawal button for sometime and check members post for validity. It can be technical error or they have intentionally freeze your withdraw button . So u need to wait for some time and even then things don't get solved u can contact the support team for further assistance.
  7. Actually sometimes we lack of determination and don't work willingly and don't put our efforts and don't write well which is the cause of being unsuccessful here in this platform. We need to remain focus while writing and reading. Someone who lacks these quality would never be succeded
  8. Well it's good opportunity for a common who belongs to middle class family can meet their ends easily. Actually someone like student and poor or common man can easily earn enough to eat and wear well and other needs. Everyone should avail himself by this opportunity
  9. Reputation points are very important and when some post are seen with Reputation points it means that the post contains useful information and helpful content and people like it very well and respond to this. We need to write according to the topics and specially informative and solution's to the people problem and u would win Reputation and it helps u to approve your post.
  10. U should follow the instructions and rules of the forum and check out the green post in about the forum sections and research and read the post which explains about mechanisms of the forum in the beginner section. U can bookmark some useful post and check them later
  11. Well dear @Mohammad Sultan I can understand that sometimes it's becomes hard to understand the topic and there is fear that u can't respond to that topic well . So in such conditions it would be better to leave that because if u try to make comments and appears as illogical then u would be subjected to warning points. There are hundreds of topics and u can comment where u feel that u would be able to replied related and good
  12. Well whatever u have is correct because if we give Reputation to the well written responses that it would make good environment. Some people open the topic and awards the reaction to the topics and respond without reading well written comments and Yeah I have also seen such things before that topic get hundred of likes and it's mistake. We should rewards Reputation to the good response
  13. Well in crypto transactions should be made under great consideration and carefully because once they have been transferred they cannot be reversed and no one can help u because it is annyomous and decentralized. So u need to keep make transactions careful and correct information.
  14. Reputation points are very important and to get Reputation the u should keep the in mind that every Post should be Worthy and put some extraordinary material and valid information. U need to write unqiue and awesome content which should be helpful and easy to understand for others and there would willingly give u Reputation points.
  15. Sad to see u in such conditions but dear there is need to keep patience and be diversified and invest in other coins . Actually u know that Cryptocurrencies prices are highly vital and there are many collapse and stability and u need to spot and take right desicion. Be a trader and investment can be a could option when u see the satisfied scheme.
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