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  1. Tell the companies where I can trade cryptocurrencies if you know where the fees. I found storm gain if you know where the fees are below, tell me.
  2. I Have read about this. In faucets you can earn profit but it is like the price on the campaign...
  3. I think big whales aren't protected. If this information is true. It is dangerous case.
  4. My family also did not use BTC or blockchain. My brother wait me to earn, then he want to start using blockchain.
  5. My country like others. It is prohibited. It needs adopting and regulating to be legal. BTC is not acceptable currency now.
  6. Yes. Of course. But we need agreement from our government. But maybe it can be illegal in some countries.
  7. I didn't hear about BTC in 2010. But if I buy BTC in that time, I will be a billionaire now.
  8. BTC is the most popular. so my guess is that, as long as decentralization stays Bitcoin will stay and domine.
  9. I heard about it. If Amazon adopted digital currency like BTC. It will be more popular around the world.
  10. It will be a good achievement. If I can buy a car buy trading using BTC. But I think it would be a dream maybe. I don't know. Good idea..
  11. Rashel

    Gold & Crypto

    Both of them are expensive. There is a correlation between gold and BTC. But not all people know about BTC. It's the only thing different
  12. Don't buy in ICO. They are just scams. Using exchange is better. But it depends on traders.
  13. Investments are something you buy or put your money in to get a profitable return. There are four types of investments known as "asset classes". _shares. Cash. Proberty. Fixed interest securities.
  14. Maybe. Our difficulties that will face BTC charity based on governments and banks especially in the third world countries
  15. I am worry about BTC, too. But it is the nature of crypto, up or down. So we can't expected what is going on
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