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    Never be greedy

    While trading we have to follow few rules and without following those rules there is no way to be a successful one except a successful by chance. There are lots of rules of them greedy plays a vital role. While trading never be greedy. If you become greedy while trading then you can be assured that there is 90% possibility to be a lessor.
  2. How regularly does the cost get lower than the ICO cost when another coin is recorded on its first trade house ? Why there are coins that are worth like 0.0004 $, normally during an ICO one coin is sold in the scope of 1$ or not ? Do a few "coins" avoid the ICO organize ?
  3. I realize that everybody has best strategies for investment , for example, day exchanging, hodl, purchasing icos, etc... I am choosing the best icos of consistently and after that I am putting into 2-3 icos for consistently, however I have heard numerous individuals grumbling abouy purchasing icos on the grounds that value will in general get lower when hitting trade just because.. What's more, some of the time I am just disappointed when hearing poop huge amounts of individuals saying that purchasing icos is moronic.. be that as it may, I surmise its not all that tedious as day exchanging.. what is your technique??? what's more, what are upsides and downsides of your technique??
  4. Base on what I watched, since market turns red and I figure this the most ideal approach to put resources into altcoins in light of the fact that I'am positive enough it will go up sooner when bullrun hits the imprint this bear months. Do you likewise plan to HODL coins for such a long time? Your thoughts are pleasurably acknowledged and do you consent to contribute now or perhaps later?
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