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  1. Dear @Md Yousub Ali I don't know about your query Because I am also new on this forum I don't know anything about this, sorry.
  2. Hey dear @BrolySSJ you gave an information which is very important for beginners in crypto world as far as us bill is concerned, I'm against it because it's going to create difficulties for investors of crypto stable coins.
  3. Dear @Radixmining is possible on mobile phone because recently Pi network is lounched which is totally depend on mobile phone. You can mine it by just clicking one time in a day .
  4. Dear @Babubu609 still I have no plans to save it because I have a lot of financial problems first I want to fulfill my desires and then I would like to save it or invest it.
  5. You can recover your password by clicking on forgot password in just few steps of verifications you will be able to recover your account. Don't worry about it this can be resolved....
  6. Dear sir @abualez you are right because I have Lost a lot of money in taking risks in cryptocurrencies and now I well aware of scamms and other risks I also advise you to invest in safe place.
  7. Dear @Siam50 that is just happened because your posts could be deleted , it's not like if you had posted 30 posts and they are all in counting so you will be paid for all 30 posts that's not right. You can post above 20 posts but you will only paid for 20 posts.
  8. No dear there is no app of yobit exchange on play store or Apple store you have to use it only from its website. Keep working hard and be successful on this forum.
  9. I my thinking bad posts or irrelevant posts are deleted on same date (24 hours), in order to avoid deletion of your topics and comments select good content so that you will be able to get positive reputation.
  10. Dear @Ismoney a basic thing which you can notice about these false exchangers is that they will offer you a profit above your expectations and that's the way you can catch them.
  11. Deear @Muhammad ayyan this will earn you good reputation and nothing more. It's good for your account growth but it doesn't have any effect on your earning.
  12. Yes @TheRaed you are absolutely right because you can learn from those who are senior on this forum you can learn from them by following them and reading thier posts and replies. This is very good point for newbies.
  13. Your information is safe as far as you don't put it on scammers website. I will advise all crypto users to take a research on website before joining.
  14. Yes you are absolutely right you can withdraw your earning in ltc,trx, and Waves because they have low withdraw fees as compared to bitcoin whose withdraw fee is $7 which is way greater than ltc and other given coins.
  15. Everyone has its own opinion,in my opinion gold is better to invest your money because bitcoin is more volatile as compared to gold and chances of los are also greater than gold, as I am noticing from Last 3 years gold is growing gradually so I prefer gold over bitcoin...
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