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  1. In the start Bitcoin was not considered and take seriously but when the first bull start and the price pumped up BTC gained a lot of popularity and fame.
  2. Bitcoin main target was to reach to the $50k at the end of the Jan 2021 and it somehow reach to the price of $41k but the sudden withdrawal of huge amount push the BTC back to $31k range.
  3. I have been invited by my mentor and he is an experienced trader and crypto expert. He teach me all that crypto and forex stuff. Crypto is not a simple business and it takes a lot of time to understand it properly.
  4. This competition seems to be very interesting and every interested users have too joined it but I think its a time consuming task and there will be a high competition among users.
  5. USD is stable as compared to the BTC and it will be superior until USD is completely converted into digital currency but again the BTC has a high demand and high price.
  6. Right as bitcoin main purpose is to remove the barrier put by the Fait money and to reduce the limitation issue which happen in Fait money. Bitcoin is highly active in Dark market.
  7. This is the common issue here on Crypto Talk forum. We have face it many time and it mostly happen when there insufficient fund in the forum wallets. They will release the payment soon, so don't worry.
  8. Crypto is not a stable business and cryptocurrency is widely used in illegal activities like in the deep web to pay for the weapons and illegal stuff without being traced.
  9. Tron is very superior even though it is a new coin, but Tron market cap ranking is able to rise to the top 10, but I think this is still not enough to make it superior then dogecoin, because dogecoin is still superior apart from being an old coin, stability and with an unlimited supply.
  10. It depends on your posts as there is no specific rule for the likes. There is only limitation on reaction you can give not on you can receive, but if your post did not get any positive reaction than you can't be paid for it.
  11. This a place which is made for no-skills/zero skills people as well as for the experts. Newbie can learn from here about the crypto world and can involved into the tech wolrd and also can earn from it.
  12. Yes, the information share was good and any user want to get positive reputation should follow the forum rules and share only legit and useful information.
  13. Yes, offcourse as beginners are always welcome here and all the seniors member including me will provide our assistance whenever they need. You can get all the basic information from the beginner section and from forum rules section, despite of all that if you have questions, and just tag me or other senior users.
  14. Bitcoin and all the digital assets will be vanished because the digital era is for short term only and there is a technology revaluation in every century, so in future even more advance tech will be introduced.
  15. I agree with you as to get the positive reputation you have to avoid the bad comments/posts, don't copy paste and also respect the forum users to avoid and restrictions.
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