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  1. Khan

    Trading Advice

    I am following my own experience and also some expert analysis as if you have not enough knowledge then you have to follow someone.
  2. For Crypto trading you have to first select the Market / exchange like you mention but Yobit is also good and then you have to chose the Coin on which you want to trade.
  3. May be you are right but while watching the labor market etc you have to also research on some of the experts analysis, the process you explain is called the News trading.
  4. Khan

    Trading strategy

    I agreed with you as there are many scams out there in the market and you have to first gather some information before investing in any Crypto coins.
  5. Anonymous account does not mean that you are hiding your money may be you are hiding your identity and there is also a chance of spamming.
  6. The big and main disadvantage of Crypto investment is to wait for your profit if the market fall down and because of waiting your money will be stuck for unsure time period.
  7. As you mentioned that there are tools through which one can trace the address of transaction if that can be possible then Bitcoin will be vanished from market in no time because the aim to use it anonymously will be destroyed.
  8. I am sure because in trade your loosing chance is very low and you can handle it but in Crypto investment things are out of your hands.
  9. Dash is not good as ETH or XRP because of the price stability and you have to check the coin stability before investing you wealth on it.
  10. Libra as claimed to be Facebook coin but we have already seen the BTC and many other Crypto which claimed to authentic and now the price movement, So don't expect things from those coins.
  11. There are many other organizations who are trying to adopt Crypto currencies because of their non-traceable transactions, so no one can trace the sender and receiver.
  12. Yes there is a posibility of it as may be it will down below $3000 and the higher chance is the bull trend as many experts predict it as up trend.
  13. There many Coins in the market but I will only recommend ETH, XRP, Doge and TRX as their prices are affordable and any mid and newbie range trader / investor can buy it easily.
  14. Yes may be it can as for the time being no one is confirm about the market and market is fluctuation the Coins prices so people are presenting their predictions.
  15. Waiting for small amount while holding a huge amount BTC you are not doing trading, as instead of holding it use the BTC for trading and make some profit form it.
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