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  1. Forex trading available in almost all the countries but I am sure that in how many countries they are considered legal by the government because if its not registered then it will illegal in your country.
  2. Binary options are same like the gambling this is what I think about it because the option trading will make you rich in an instant and also make you beggar in an instant.
  3. I will recommend that you have to go for the mentor because it does not matter if you get the online course which is already recorded because the market use different stratigies to change.
  4. Thanks for the information but there are many other simple resource to use and also the platform you are going to use for the trading can also provide the daily signals but it depends on your investment.
  5. The mention resources are the best for learning and also the Youtube can provide the basic of all the Forex trading strategies and a sample of how to use the Indicators.
  6. Be patient and wait for the right time as you will get your reward soon and you can use it for the trading purpose and then earn more from it.
  7. You are right about the speed but there also many factors that can be keep in mind and that's the reason Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency is not legal.
  8. There are also many websites in the market and they are also good but there are many difference between them related to the exchange price, and fees factors.
  9. You are right as hard wallet is the good chose but the issue in the hard wallet is that hard wallet can corrupt the data as the time pass and it is also costly.
  10. I have heard about that browser, can you please share some withdraw proof like you have earn and then withdraw that earned money from that platform.
  11. Check it after sometime and then you will the status back to normal also may be they will inform you with sending the email notification, but be careful if you send it during the maintenance then you will loss your coins.
  12. Bitcoin is good choice but the risk in buying Bitcoin is very high as compared to the Gold and also Gold is stable then the Bitcoin and its price is also stable.
  13. Yes you are right as this is for the newbie and the other thing is that the new user make a mistake in buying the authentic coin and then they loss their money.
  14. Bitcoin is good but you have to also look for the price change factor of the Bitcoin and that's the reason that ETH is a stable then BTC and its price is affordable.
  15. May be but this will be the new revolution in the Crypto World and also i the gaming world and it will increase the users of the game players.
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