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  1. I think the best wallet for the beginner is yobit because it is much beneficial but you you should use it in right ways if you want to withdraw your money then it is very safe but according to my knowledge the withdrawal fees of Bitcoin is high so you first convert them into Bitcoin and then withdraw otherwise you do not share your account information with other.
  2. Hi dear friends there are many lone investment site you can search them from Google but I think you do not go to that work because mostly they just trap you they do not give you profit so I think you should do hard work and give your maximum time to crypto talk and this much beneficial for you as compared to working on loan forum.
  3. Hi dear friend its absolutely right you do not waste your time in Google ads because mostly they are fake and they are making people fools so I suggest all those member who are working Google ads to join crypto talk because this is a good way of earning it also gives you valuable information.
  4. I do not agree with this statement it's absolutely wrong if we have greed and fear then we are unable to do anything in our life especially in crypto forum because if you have fear of losing money then you are unable of getting profit from this forum and greed is a curse so you should do your work hardly and bravely.
  5. Hi dear friends I think you can do investment by taking right decision in your life as a beginner you do not take decision of investment you should take your star by making post and this gives you useful information and after that you do investment and definitely you got profit.
  6. I don't think so because mostly weaken cost does not gives you profit I suggest you if you wanted to do trading and investment than you prefer first 20 coins they always gives you profit but mostly in trading luck matter but you should also take decision after getting guidance from old members.
  7. Thank you dear friend for making so wonderful post it's very informative for all the crypto members and this forum always wants such posts because this is so informative and according to our needs because everyone wants to know about Bitcoin these days it's very valuable in the crypto word.
  8. Yes friends I think this is worest decision if you want to do it because these days the price of the dog coin is very low in the market so you should not take this decision because you face only loss from this decision you can try other coins in the market especially the top coins that gives you good profit.
  9. Thank you for sharing this useful information yes you are right may be in future druid of the water coin is also fall like the rate of the chronic coins so we should take decision carefully and then milk investment in a right way and then get profit this is the best way of using water coin.
  10. Yes dear friends absolutely true if we are banned by the forum then I think we are unable to do anything that's why I suggest all the member do your work honestly and after making a poste read it do not do spelling mistakes and other grammatical mistake because this is very wonderful forum.
  11. Yes dear friend this is true if we do any mistakes such as spelling mistake or grammar mistakes then the forum give us a warning point and it banned you for 2 to 3 days and after that you can do your work but if you repeat the same mistake again and again then you are permanently banned by the forum so do your work carefully.
  12. Thank you dear friend for sharing this useful information I do not have information about this feature and I am very thankful to you and this forum that it always gives us opportunity to learn new things and forum also gives us earning that helps me a lot in my daily life.
  13. Yes dear members you are absolutely true if you wanted to get success in your life then you should have to face hardship because the path of success is not smooth you have to do hard work you have to face failure with the patience and then you are able to get success so you will not lose heart and keep trying.
  14. Yes dear friend absolutely right thank you for sharing this useful information but I think these days it's not difficult if you want it to earn and learn you should go to Google and search anything their are videos lecture Tutor that gives you information according to your question so don't worry about that.
  15. First of all I suggest you do not waste your time in facutes earning because it did not gives you a good earning I think you should join cryptotalk and also suggest other to join it and work honestly this is a good forum for earning and learning on the other hand if you want to earn factues then make research about it that it will not be a scam.
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