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  1. The dominance of Bitcoin is a measure that establishes the weight of the market capitalization of Bitcoin compared to that of the rest of the altcoins present in it. When Bitcoin rises suddenly, most altcoins tend to fall and this is why it is considered an opportunity to buy them, since when Bitcoin normalizes its rise, the others will tend to rise.
  2. In fact I think it was a good time to buy, since Bitcoin after a strong fall, comes and recovers, reaching even surpass its previous highs. When you invest in Bitcoin you must bear in mind that the return on investment processes are long-term and that we must take advantage of the moments of decline to buy and the highs to sell if what you want is to trade.
  3. In my spare time I enjoy video games and Assassin's Creed has been one of my favorites, we can also refer here to the ENJIN platform dedicated to video games associated with the blockchain, even this company has its own ENJ token, which can be obtained as a reward for participating in their games. A well known one where you can win some ENJs is Lost Relics.
  4. In order to receive your payments for the publications where you have received positive reactions, you must link your Cryptotalk account with your Yobit account and the procedure is really simple. What you must do is go to your username in Yobit and choose the campaign, there you will see a box where you must place the email that you used to register in Cryptotalk and then click on the save button, the platform automatically grants you a UID which indicates that your account has already been linked, the same procedure must be repeated with the Talk tokens campaign. I hope it helps you.
  5. Previously I have participated in events of this type where knowledge competitions about cryptocurrencies are organized, to name a few I refer to the Parachute platform where through their Telegram groups they are always carrying out this type of competition.
  6. I have already worked in other similar forums such as BitcoinTalk, Uptreend and Publish0x, and I can safely assert that Cryptotalk is the best compared to the others, since here we are all treated equally, having the same rights and duties and we all have the same rights. same opportunities after we complete our first 100 startup posts. On other platforms, if you are a new user, you receive lower payments and in most cases you do not receive anything for your publications.
  7. Excellent recommendations that any new participant in the forum should start to apply, I can add that before making any publication they should study everything regarding the operation of the forum, since complying with the rules and being clear about how to work in Cryptotalk will ensure you get success on this wonderful platform.
  8. Many of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms are associated with mining companies, apart from this they are associations founded by members who already owned large volumes of cryptocurrencies, on the other hand the same process that is carried out between users also provides liquidity to these platforms with the payment of small commissions for using them that are added according to the number of members who participate. In conclusion, the exchange platforms obtain liquids by associates and commissions.
  9. Congratulations on having achieved your first goal in the forum! Now you must continue to improve and contribute the best of your knowledge to contribute to the training of all of us who participate here on a daily basis. Dedicate yourself to researching and bringing in useful content so that over time you will become a recognized member of the Cryptotalk community.
  10. A good day everyone! As we already know, many cryptocurrencies, as well as Bitcoin, in their system have programmed a time to apply reductions in terms of rewards for participation of miners, and this generally results in the supply being reduced, producing an increase in the prices of these assets. In this way, we have already seen that in the middle of 2020 the reduction to half of the rewards in Bitcoin occurred and this year 2021 the halving already corresponds to the following cryptocurrencies. Verge (XGV) Cryptocurrency that occupies the 88th position of the CoinMarketCap, whose current price is $ 0.013, will have its halving for the last week of January 2021 when its chain reaches a block height of 4,700,000. At this point, the current 200 XVG bounty issued to miners every 30 seconds will drop to 100 XVG. Tomochain (TOMO) Coin located in position 122 with a price of $ 1.33 The Tomochain halving will take place the first week of February 2021, when the number of TOMO coins issued annually will drop from 2 million to 1 million. Vertcoin (VTC) Located in position 557 of the CoinMarket with a value of 0.20 $ The Vertcoin block reward halving is scheduled for the first week of December 2021, at which point the amount of VTC issued to miners will be reduced from 25 to 12.5 per block. And finally. Ravencoin (RVN) In position number 113 with a current value of $ 0.016 Although the halving of this coin is scheduled for January 2022, the halving of the reward of the first Ravencoin block is worth mentioning this time around and will see the reduction of the issuance rate from 5,000 RVN to 2,500 RVN per block. Knowing that these cryptocurrencies will increase in value due to these events, do you think it is a good time to start acquiring them and take advantage of a good performance as a result of this event? I would like to know your opinion.
  11. Many of us began to experiment in the world of cryptocurrencies through the taps and today we see that in terms of earnings they are not the best sites, more if they are a tool that we can use to learn to operate in the world of crypto, we learn that we must have a wallet, that to sell them we must be registered in exchange platforms, we learn which are the best to operate and to reduce the amounts for transactions and everything else.
  12. The main way to protect yourself is with research, other details that we can take into account is when they offer huge profits for simple participation or demanding some type of investment, on the other hand, a good project must always be well founded, presenting its white paper and a roadmap showing all the objectives met and those that remain to be met, apart from that, it must make known the team behind the project and have good technical support as well as their respective networks where details are discussed of the project.
  13. Coinbase today is a renowned site as a result of its trajectory in the world of cryptocurrencies, and when an asset is listed on this platform, it obtains a good reputation, which increases its credibility and therefore increases its market share.
  14. I fully support what you say. We must have several email accounts and we must prioritize their use, there are the emails that we use personally and the emails to use regarding work, another for use in a serious cryptocurrency platform and finally the one that we can use for rewards programs which generally end up being scam. We must always protect our data and increase our security.
  15. After the economic crises of 2008, Bitcoin and blockchain appeared and after them appeared a series of projects based on cryptocurrencies that came to revolutionize the financial world creating a new option to counter the crisis created by the excessive and baseless printing of fiat money, Now with the emergence of the pandemic, many have been joining this new system and we have awakened to establish a new economy based on cryptocurrencies. This is the new option that came to save the world, changing their way of thinking and improving their lifestyle.
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