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Found 8 results

  1. The best advice for a beginner is to read the rules carefully before starting out on this new platform. Most beginners make this mistake and then face problems with their account. The idea is simple. Follow the rules and then just write your own posts and write comments on others posts. And this will earn you money.
  2. Hello my seniors members Am new here i don't know more about yobit account and bitcoins. My purpose of create post to know about bitcoins. How to change bitcoins into currency??? What is the procedure?? Please seniors guide.🙏🙏
  3. Hello dear members! Let me give you a piece of advice. Do not put your main email address in weird or non-trusted websites because your email address can be compromised to spammers and you will get a lot of spam emails.
  4. Hello I read and understand everything it this forum and I want give a good advice to this forum. First we are have too much problem about multiple accounts and also problem about reputation cheater and plagiarism copy / paste of post here is a greatest advice 1. The time according to the formula rules before you submit your post is 3 to 4 minutes that means 250 second . Why can't the time be increase to 1 hours before submiting your post I hope they will have enough time to read and understand the question before replying in any post and multiple accounts will be stopped and also copy / paste will also be stoppe. How did you think about my advice!!!? Please need to know what you actually think about my advice please comment!!
  5. Through your work in cryptocurrencies, what is the best advice you can give to beginners in this field? I just want one piece of advice
  6. Hello friends . I hope you have fun here and learn more and more .In two days from now . I got a warning . everyone will say No. that's bad . all right. The reason I wasn't really interested . I wanted to get creative and start publishing fliers to open up space for everyone . These publications are not frequent in the forum . But I wasn't giving information as a joke .I have 50% of it not for me .Even if I was adding a topic link to the side of my post . So I got a warning . Don't repeat the same thing i did . also my friends . Stop repeating the same post every time . Because that's not in our favor .we're here to learn, too. This . It causes some embarrassment to us compared to other users as most of our publications talk about the problem of withdrawing money . Or when they'll pay us . I'm sorry about that, but . Let's change our behavior
  7. Hello dear members. I hope you all bought some Bitcoins when the price was low because you have done the smartest action. Now, the price is almost 6,800$ and I suggest you don't sell anything yet because it will keep rising. For those who haven't bought and lost hope in Bitcoin, There's still a chance in earning some money from this opportunity. You can still buy Bitcoin and sell when it goes higher.
  8. This article may prove to be very useful especially for beginners who want to start trading cryptocurrencies. It may not be a guide for getting rich in crypto, but it will help in staying calm and keeping control of oneself if things go wrong. And knowing the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, things going wrong can happen quite often for the inexperienced. source: Taking from the article, here are those tips I will try to summarize and simplify: Set trading hours - There is more to life than sticking in front of the screen 24/7 looking at movements on trading exchanges. Make a plan and stick to it - If you set up a plan only to panic buy/sell everytime, then there is no point to making it. Don't be too greedy - If you are raking profits in trades, calm yourself first and reanalyze the market situation before making the next move. Treat losses as a learning opportunity - Learn from your mistakes so that you will be less likely to make it again. Exercise - This will help you in calming down. But if you don't like to exercise for whatever reason, any activity that will help you calm down should suffice. Compartmentalize - Focus on whatever activities you are in right now. You can think about crypto trading later when you are on it. Don’t put too much financial pressure on trading - Unless you are an trading expert, just stick to investing what you are most comfortable with financially. Strip away emotions - Keeping emotions such as fear and panic in check will help in making logical decisions. Take a break - If you are under too much pressure, taking a break will help you calm down and give time to think up a rational approach to a problem. Think of yourself as 'the house' - If you plan to trade often, you will be able to discern patterns and situations that will help you win more in trades. Have other priorities - Related to tip #1. Try to use your non-trading time on activities that will benefit others and yourself. Practice good time management - Related to tip #1 and #6. Try managing your time well if you can. Schedule time for content consumption - "Content" refers to information from any sources. Try setting aside time for reading crypto-related news, etc. Ditch the phone - Related to tip #1. Any crypto-related activities on your phone should be set aside on your private time. Know that crypto obsession will never truly go away - Even if you get hooked to crypto trading, try controlling your obsession instead of vice-versa. EXTRA: Value your time over money - A summary of most of the tips in the article. If you want to comment or add a few more tips into the discussion, just post below.
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