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  1. @nester11 @nestor14 your thoughts are good . I appreciate your post. Respect is more important . We should give like to everyone. First read post and than comments on it according the value of post. This can help to everyone by earning good amount of money. Every one come here for money so react and respect.
  2. Dear you ask good question. This question is always in mind but no to determine this question. I think through tags post creater know the question of members, otherwise no way to determine that which ask questions or not
  3. Good innovation. Through facebook we connect More members in crypotalk.its good for promotion of crypotalk because millions people connect with facebook. They can access through facebook in crypotalk. This advertising is good if promote on social media
  4. @Sholly you create good. Many members this problem. They don't understand that they did comments on this or not. Many options thst tell you , you already comment on this post. I click on marked as read. Which post i opened show less black . I recognize through this that i already comment on this post.
  5. No doubt the price of bitcoin going high day by day.bitcoim is more popular in trading. It is famous currency that mostly used in many organization as a digital more profitable and easily transferable. No requirement need for using bitcoins. It wonderful investment in trading.
  6. @Whited35 Thanks . I will definitely join it. I think gain evey opportunity don't know where your luck proof good. There are very few chance that we get like this opportunity. Again thanks you provide amazing information 😍
  7. Yes you said right. Success take time. For getting success hard work is more important. Success is not prepared . We need work hard for preparing success. Patient is also element of success. Who's patience in life get success one day
  8. @Whited35 thanks for providing information. Is really good for earning.? Is it save and secure. I am qualified and did MBA can i join this site please guide me. I used many site but they were not useful. They wasted alot Time. So i more conscious about like this site
  9. There ate many Disa games everyone play according their choice. But best are these Bar Dica Bunco Bulat Yahtzee Liar,s Dica Shout the box DAGZ
  10. We not say that it is easy or it is difficult. Because i totally depand on your experience and but you can improve the chance of win at almost any casino or gambling games. If you are good luck than you win game. Experience is also matter for like this game.
  11. Dear i think this patient means wait for payment. Patient means wait for gaining reputation. Patient means follow rules and regulations. Patient is more important in life . Some time hurry in life make dangerous life m keep patient in every stage of life. Every thing take time for reached destiny. So keep patient
  12. Yes you right many post are repeating that is not good . Moderator should take the action about this violation. I think these posts are useless that repeating. Same post why they create. This platform is also for information so create valuable! Post.
  13. Very good information dear. We need such informative information that helpful for us.googke is the place that have information which we need . We gain more information in google about crypotalk., bitcoin or many more.
  14. Don't worry 9 to 10 days they will take.i also yet not received any payment.even my very post reacted. You wil gain after some days. You only receive payment for post that will be reacted . Check your post how much reacted .
  15. Good post dear . I appreciate your post much because very less like this post that provides such informative information. No provide like this information.
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