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  1. The cryptocurrency market is at a good level right now. After each correction, there is a need for a certain time in which the market will accumulate new energies that will carry the currency above.
  2. In general the price of BTC is a lot and a lot of traders say the btc price will reach the end of this year $ 15,000 and honestly everything possible in the world of encryption will be sought the market and see what the BTC will rise or will stay on its current price
  3. For me, I do investment and when I know that my investments get profitable I will pull out all of it even if I invested it days ago, because for me even if the profit that you get is low it is fine as long as I am earning money.
  4. At present, most of the coins available in the cryptocurrency market are manipulated in large quantities because of Bitcoin Cash because of the large number of investors who are investing in them and they are very easyThey have taken profits from them and they have converted them into different types of prices through this investment
  5. I think the economic impact might be there for people who already understand cryptocurrency, and technology experts. Deficiencies in the country's currency may be weak, the surplus is that people get extra income.
  6. lolrik

    Crypto Secrets

    Taking the money from a faucet will leave you with very little money. I don't think you can support yourself off of this. Instead I would just do some kind of service and offer it to people. Faucet will not help fund your business, and faucet won't pay enough even for a small lunch!
  7. I lost 5 BTC in January 2019, and I'm sure you will know where I am missing, yes, I lost in cryptopia, before there was a hacker attack, I made a deposit there, exactly 2 days after I deposited a hacker attack, and until now there has been no clarity. whether my lost BTC will be returned by cryptopia or not.
  8. It depends to the project of the coin if it is potential then it can survive for long, but most of the new coins can not survive because I think many devs abandoned it like low funding, failed project and also scammers.
  9. You are right we can earn mony by investment in yobit sit.It is a sit which give us free coin in tread.When we invest 20 times in a day it give us free coin.We also get some extra earn when we invest in the
  10. I don't think this will happen because every country has not legalized cryptocurrency, but no one don't know about future cryptocurrency is a digital currency is value is also increasing.
  11. Nice, which mean that I could pay with cryptocurrency in Amazon. I can't wait for its launched. Other company should consider this as well, because more people are using crypto these days, they should grab this chance to have a better environment for crypto users.
  12. Well I think we have to lock and hold our bitcoin until the price goes up, patience is the main key but the need makes us sell it sometimes I'm sure we can handle each of our needs. greeting the crypto world.
  13. That would not be bad because btc also is trusted currency nowadays. Though I've just started using internet currency sites so I don't know a lot about cryptocurrency. But certainly we all should have much knowledge about crypto.
  14. Yes, now the crypto currency is running the bullrun of different currencies. Because I've also seen in cryptocurrency that some of the new currencies have come in, some of them have a very good price and some of the currencies are much lower. If that is the case then I hope that if we invest in those currencies that are low, then we can get a lot of profit.
  15. I cannot say what will happen after the bitcoin supply ends. Because I have no idea about this and to be honest I don't think about these things. I just want to enjoy the present.
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