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  1. This website still pay but it’s a little bit old as you mentioned which is not a smart move to invest in now, but still a legit website with no doubt!
  2. I personally didn’t know this future is on Coingecko, actually it’s really cool to us this option , thanks for sharing it here with us .
  3. HYIP is known as the riskiest investment, when you deal with these kind of websites you have to be careful. Thanks for the tips that you’re giving to us!
  4. I already have an account on this platform,and thank god i forgot about that I have one, I didn’t deposit anything there , good to know what the platform up to!
  5. I have some bad experiences with gambling programs and i promised myself that I will never go near of them again just a waist of time and funds
  6. TT coin is around 85 satoshi, I believe that it will have some opportunities in the near future, after reading what you post ,I think I’m going to try it!!
  7. I want you to focus on cryptotalk (here) this community is amazing you can earn a respectful amount of btc plus you get educated by others experiences...
  8. I did not hear this news, why he would leave crypto world?? In fact digibyte becomes more profitable to mine after bitcoin halving . I believe he has so,e serious reasons (If it true).
  9. That sounds good for me, this project may a have a well future . I’ll definitely try it , it deserves a shot. By the way how much time it takes to get your kyc approved?
  10. I didn’t know this website, his rewards are very high which give me some scam vibes. Have you ever withdraw from it? Any payments proof??
  11. From my experiences, I think Litecoin has the fastest transaction which one of many things I like about ltc ( it’s fees is very low). Btc is the worst ,too slow.
  12. Crypto in India is not clear, how can a country ban crypto currencies and there’s a lot of Indian projects, and I also heard that they will launch their coin? I’m very confused!
  13. My favourite coin so far is Yoda, I believe this coin will have a brilliant future . And I’m willing to invest in this coin , and you should too! What is yours?
  14. I personally think that you should not trust exchanges's volume ...(their statistics) since they just want to fake their trades volumes just for rankings purposes!
  15. To be fully honest, my family knows nothing literally nothing about crypto currency, they’re not interested in cryptos in general lol for them cryptos are not existing things.
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