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  1. Totally agree , don’t sacrifice your safety for some couple of dollars , KYC documents are very sensitive I only did kyc for Binance and Other exchange that I trust .
  2. Update: yesterday I received another payment 🤑🙌🏼😂
  3. @Whited35 sure! You’re welcome 🙌🏼, if you’re using google then the website will translate to English automatically! Thanks 🤗
  4. @Whited35 absolutely mine. I’m going to show you this payeer transaction from my personal account (cashout id matched).
  5. It’s been a week since I discovered this website, I worked on it for a four days continually to reach just the minimum to just taste the website 👍🏼, and it’s works.
  6. @guatazoo yeah! You’re definitely right, the right thing to do is to invest them and do not play with them. It’s a precious advice for us. Thanks.
  7. So basically, the website name is Vkserfing.ru 👥you got paid for giving likes ❤️and follow people on Instagram... 📌- first when you sign up, you have to verify your account by ur number ( a number will call you , you just have to look to the last 4 digits of the number that called you and enter it as a code). 📌- After log in, enter your Instagram username that you work with (don’t put a celebrity photo as profile picture). 📌- start earning 🤑🤑🤑🤑 the tasks are refreshed every hour....( I personally try to earn 18 rub per day) you can do more. 📌- minimum to withdraw is 50 rub. 📌- payments are requested only on Friday and you will receive it on Saturday. 📌- work with peace ✌️, the website is legit✅🌼 THE LINK : 👉🏼 Click here My personal payment proof 👇🏼
  8. I highly appreciate your explanation @Calvinpriva Thanks for pointing this out. I will definitely invest it now.
  9. @Whited35 as I mentioned , I used to work on it. Now I have no clue if it’s paying or not! Thanks for the feedback though.
  10. That was absolutely a very useful article, you made my thoughts very clear. I have a question, is Talk Token will be tradable?”
  11. I’m very excited for this new system hope they will benefit us as users , let’s make this place a better place.
  12. I would like to see here these two languages: Standard Arabic. French . since these two languages are spoken by more than 60 country.
  13. As a beginner you can’t avoid making mistakes but you can learn from it, we can learn from our mistakes and most important to learn from others mistakes.
  14. From our mistakes we learn the greatest lessons, what a beautiful masterpiece this post is. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  15. A really helpful and useful post , thanks again for pointing this out and sharing it here with us . I’m gonna check it out now.
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