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  1. Indeed emotions like this is the worset enemy of the traders as they say, it is very hard to control this emotions when you are in live trading, but with practice a trader will gain the enough experiance to deals with them.
  2. I hope you got all this repubtion by being help full to other members and not by writing this nice signture under your posts 🤣🤣, but generally it is good for you pro, keep it up.
  3. I dont think it is always becuse of a mistake the member did, some times there is no clear reason why some of posts are deleted, i think there is some thing wrong in the fourm.
  4. And that is main point, they save you time in learning by your self about the fourm and how it works, becuse they have been here before you and experianced every thing in the fourm.
  5. Indeed stable coins have a better chance to replace the exist financial system, as it compounds the stabelity of the normal currenceies wich is many of crypto currenceies dont have, and the blockchain technology.
  6. I dont think there is altrentive better than cryptotalk, you can make more than this offcource but you need a experiance in some field in order to make some money, some thing you dont really needs here.
  7. The holding time May vary from time to time, but usually if dont take much time to get your payment in Yobit, but dont worry about the payment sooner or later you will get it.
  8. My rank now is. Member but it dont left thet much for mee to make it to the next rank. I think this rank system is very good for the fourm as it make challenge yourself.
  9. There is no such thing like that make you use diffrent email address, they my be happening becuse you May used the same email to register in an account before, check if first and try a gain.
  10. Leave things to the fourm modratores, as when they get thier accounts deleted or banned from the fourm they will know how to post like this sh**t posts, if is very anoying thing to watch. A
  11. Yobit actually support many of the e wallets as a payment methods you can just transfer your bitcoin to usd and withdraw them without any late and with small fees.
  12. It is better for you to get the full knowledge by your self then you learn them how to do it as you will be more trusted to them than any other source for learning.
  13. If depends in the country you lives in, from here you can exchange your bitcoins by using Yobit exchange and transfeer it to one of many e wallet that is supported by Yobit.
  14. It is good rules, but we all hope remember then when we are really dealing with bitcoin and other crypto currenceies, becuse reading is a thing and actually doin them is a other thing.
  15. That is not a strange thing as we see day by day companies are dealing with bitcoin and other crypto in exchange for thier services, specialy gaming companies and vps and many others.
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