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  1. I never use wallet wich nor provide to me my private keys! I use Coinbase only to withdraw FIAT currency to my bank account
  2. @Strangernew1 Hello, yes you are really late! If you want to talk about airdrops, feel free to send me a private message
  3. Thanks you. I saw that a lot of people are not aware about the basic security rules. We all must be prudent when surfing on the web
  4. @blacksmith101 I don't know because I never used Storj, if you read the topic again, you will understand that I do dual mining with my GPUs, mining with my CPU and staking with my wallet.
  5. @DoboniAyuuii visibly you cannot read clearly so I will repeat: I have 1 rig with 8 GPUs, each of my GPUs is mining ETH+XVG..... it's not like you are talking about..... + my CPU is mining XMR and my wallet is staking....
  6. @BrolySSJ Publish0x is not a forum, it's a blogging platform. I posted articles without neeed to be approved so I don't understand what you are talking about.... @AkaCrafterCZ Hello. Reading the articles is not mandatory. Just use the tipping bar....
  7. @AkaCrafterCZ You are wrong, even with a cheap CPU, you earn more that the electricity cost. You say, 2000 satoshi, I earn 4000 satoshi per day without referrals and without activating the mining boost all the day....
  8. Coinbase is not "mobile based", it's primarly an online wallet, they launched the smartphone app long time after the onlie version.
  9. @Migo Coinpot is not a wallet, it's a microwallet (like Faucethub, the best of the best, RIP), it's not the same thing. The service opened after the Faucetbox closure.
  10. @scorpiali personally, to withdraw my cryptocurrency in FIAT I'm using Coinbase (even if I don't like this wallet). You can also use Paxful to withdraw your cryptocurrency in Fiat to Paypal or gift cards (like Amazon) or 300+ other methods.
  11. Thanks for your testmony. i don't understand why people are so septical with this app... The company is online since 2012/2013 and have a good repution... Bitcoin Alien was the most remunerative BTC faucet....
  12. @WahidNazir It is not practical but it is necessary to protect yourself from hackers and make the work of hacking tools more difficult ...
  13. Personnaly, I give like or reputation point only for content when I learn someting but I learn something not often... 75% of the forum's users are not expeimented in cryptocurrency. morever, poits and like are useless.
  14. @Wilmer Garcia As other members said, yes, you can comment all the day. You must understand that you can post unlimited comments per day but only 30 will be paid (if useful). Yobit is a russian exchanges, they are not on the same hour as Colombia.
  15. @ChilBran Ethereum Classic was born after a point of view divergence in the Ethereum commuity. ETH moved on a brand new blockchain, ETC was born and stayed on the "classic" Ethereum blockchain.
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