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  1. I am always surprised when i see people promoting Coinbase or Blockchain by saying "the most secure wallet" or "the best wallet". Both or them are limited, online (not always convenient) and they can't connect to DAPPs.
  2. @Crypto123 You are talking about Coinbase, not Coinbase Wallet. Coinbase Wallet (formerly Toshi) is a non-custodial wallet so everyone from everywhere can use it without registration.
  3. Visibly, the author of this topic doesn't read well... We can see on his screenshot "You're on the waitlist". It's the normal process of Coinbase Learning Center and we were all on the waitlist before being able to claim the free coins.
  4. @Yomose Some little things you need to know: Payeer isn't a wallet even if it supports some few cryptocurrencies. It's a payment processor, that's why the fees are high. We can also mention the fact that a lot of people had problem with the customer service.
  5. Yes, if you chose to use the same device to store money and browse the web, it's recommanded to avod visits on some websites ๐Ÿ˜‰ .
  6. @Hala99 The day you will withdraw money from Yobit, do it with XRP because you will pay a lot of fees less. Dogecoin withdrawal fees are higher (500 DOGE).
  7. There is nothing to verify, Guarda is a good and safe wallet known from years. I use it personally on my PC and my smartphone. it's my 4th favorite wallet.
  8. I will make it simple to understand because too many members are confused with cloud mining services: If a website say " Hey, I will give you free Gh/s and I will pay you X% daily on your investment", it's a SCAM. Legit cloud mining services doesn't give free hashpower and never promise fix daily returns.
  9. If you want a good wallet that support ERC-20 tokens and is available on PC and smartphone, Atomic Wallet is the best choice. Coinomi and Guarda are also good.
  10. 2FA must be activated on all websites where you have real amounts of money (for example exchange platforms) even if it's not really convenient. I often lose my phones, that's why I hate 2FA but it can be helpful in some cases. The problem is: if you activate 2FA, you also must save the recovery key.
  11. This is not exact. Fees at Kucoin depends of some factors. I am VIP 0 sso my maker/taker fees are 0.10%/0.10% but I am using KCS to pay trading fees so my maker/taker fees are 0.08%/0.08%.
  12. Yes, currently paxful is the best alternative to LocalBitcoin. The large number of way to withdraw is awesome. I have an account but not used yet (not needed).
  13. @jamesvince that's why we all withdraw with Ripple or Litecoin. Ripple is the best withdrawal option to cashout funds from Yobit (approx. 0.20$).
  14. This is a basic precaution when visiting a website where we use login details: always check the address in the address bar. too many people doesn't do this.
  15. It is possible for a hacker to intercept transiting informations. I don't remember the name of this method. VPNs are supposed to block this method.
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