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  1. There are two reasons to stay with crypto one is to be financially profitable. Another is to gain knowledge. These are the two things we need to keep in mind all the time. Crypto Talk has given us a golden opportunity to understand online transactions and know something. I believe that crypto talk has given us a way to make money in pandemic situations and to earn money by doing certain things.
  2. There is a lot of similarity between giving up and failing. If we fail with honesty and courage but do not get discouraged and keep working, one day success will come. We must be patient at all times. No work should be delayed or abandoned. Even if you fail, there is something behind every failure. We should be motivated towards work. Thanks everyone.
  3. To do this you need to post 100 completely free. Then you will get paid for twenty useful posts every day. You will also get some extra benefits for reacting to your comments.
  4. It is not possible to say exactly. Because your foresight in this case includes all these things including how much you are investing in your endeavors, how much you are investing in the work. That's why you can't say for a specific reason that you can collect bitcoin in so many days..
  5. Of course the investment is profitable but it should be properly reviewed and invested there knowingly. If you invest a little more carefully and with a better understanding, your chances of losing will be greatly reduced. We should always be fully aware of where we are going to invest. In that case, it is possible to make a profit very easily if you are a little careful in investing.
  6. The more people you know about, the more information you can gain. It is very important for you to follow what others do. From there you have to recharge the wrong decision and the right decision. You always learn to understand the good. Learn education policy from the mistakes of others. Try to stay in the recharge all the time. Remember there is no end to learning.
  7. Two types of security are really important. You may have logged in to many important sites, but if you do not use two types of security, your site profile can be stolen or destroyed in various ways. Can be a victim of hacking. So everyone should use 2 step security.
  8. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Do not be overwhelmed by emotions. You have to work knowing everything. Think many times before doing any work. I think you should think a lot before investing in a site. Stay alert at all times. Willfully recharge and invest. Hope you don't cheat. Thanks.
  9. I don’t think I can develop myself with time in the group. And understand a lot better. I can improve a lot financially from here. I don't think there is a better site like this to be found anywhere else. I like it very much. This is a group where I can express my thoughts beautifully. I don't have to fall into any obstacles. I hope you say thank you all.
  10. I post on this side with a little thought because it is better to think before giving anything. It is not clear if you write about something in a hurry. We should all make it clear and beautiful in what we are telling everyone. I would request everyone to make what is meant to be said in a very nice way. Thank you all.
  11. Nothing can be said on a subject here. Both can be a very good source of income if you know the details. Business is a very good medium and Bitcoin can be a very good quality site if you have the right knowledge. I think it is very difficult to say only on one subject and you should take this decision
  12. I can get many benefits from this site. Number one is to be financially self-sufficient. Number two I can say that I can make a lot of arrangements to learn English for free from here. Thirdly, we can gain knowledge about many things from here. To my knowledge it is the only website where you have the opportunity to acquire knowledge financially and for free. I think everyone should cooperate with time here.
  13. There is no need to be careful. Must be in alert position at all times. Can't be ambitious. People's words cannot be acted upon. One's intellect must be verified with conscience. Marketplaces need to be well surveyed. Need to gain good knowledge about everything. In order to survive in the marketplaces, you have to show intelligence
  14. Patience is the greatest strength. Patience must be sustained .And we must have the courage to deal with all situations .We must remember that we can do better with patience, effort and recharge. It is my belief that we will reach our destination with
  15. Sincerely sorry I don't know in detail about it. But I will try to let you know later by recharging it. I want to help you with this but sorry for not being able to at the moment thank you for the important question...
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