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  1. In the current time BTC it the highest value but I think eth will be the next high value currency and might be another coins because we can't predict it sometimes we see that the coin pump so hard which we didn't expect and sometimes the coins dumb in a very short time but I think eth will be the next higher value..
  2. Yes mate we can only hold it because we are already in loss but I don't care about it I only focus on earning here and also doing some small trading so that we can recover our loss from small trading and be patient and hold it hope it will pump..
  3. Let me tell you that first of all mining of BTC need such expensive tools and another thing with mining you can't get such great amount if you really want to earn then you should learn trading and do some risky trading then you will get such great profit but in trading it is also possible to face such loss..
  4. Minex dump so hard which we didn't expect it because in a very short time it dump from 2000+ value and now its under 30 and talk also dump but we can't do anything we have just one way to hold it and let's see what happening in the future..
  5. Well I really want to work for this forum and report spammers to moderator but I need little information and experience more here so that I will be able to find out spammers and low quality poster so I will do work on reporting so that the forum will be safe from spammers..
  6. Two factor authentication is the most important for all accounts because we never know that when someone can enter to our account illegally and they access it so before it we have to secure our account and then we will not regret ..
  7. Exactly mate if we got legendary rank and we break the rules we will receive warning points because rules are for all members here not only for new members but some members are strictly following the rules whole some members doing here whatever they want so focus on rules try to keep it in mind..
  8. I think many members doing the same thing and I like your work that you doing it in 4 step then you will be fresh and feel well and I suggest all the members that if you really want to do your work well then make a routine for yourself and do your job well don't waste the time and keep work hard ..
  9. Exactly you are right and if we follow these steps so I think we will get more great benefits because reading the topic carefully is essential to make good posts and appreciate and also we can learn something and care of spell and grammar so it is good because we have to obey all the rules and respect it..
  10. That is good thinking mate and also I'm doing the same I'm learning here and also getting amount which help me in financial support so we have to also love this forum because it make our day and through this forum we get such excellent things..
  11. You are right mate we can see some time that members are creating useless posts it's mean they only want to do daily task and earn talk tokens just for this purpose they came here so now there are two reason one is that they don't have information that's why they create useless post and another they only want to earn without effort and spending time..
  12. Exactly dear so try to work hard so that your you will get positive react because members are only give react to those who share good Information and good quality posts and indeed this is very great because we are getting a great amount here so keep hard work and do best for this forum also..
  13. Yes talk rise and I think when it was under 40 we have to buy at that time because now it's rising and sometimes it dump little so we have to hold it and buy more maybe it will rise like this so we can get good profit but many members don't buy it because they are worry about the price down again..
  14. Exactly we have to make topics as well not only to do daily task in the shape of comments but when I need help and I have some information so I make a topic and I learn more about that because many expert members join my topic and they also share their own words ..
  15. Actually we need to have such great information that we can predict the price so then we easily find the great coins for trading and getting great profit buy it is hard in the beginning because we will face some loss as well as many new members face it already..
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