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  1. As for me, I do not find any difficulty in accessing cryptocurrencies in a country where I can easily buy and sell, but the cryptocurrencies are not well understood here in my country, I hope that people know more about these currencies because it is really a good thing.
  2. Welcome, I wish you good luck in your work and also here in the forum, we are all here learning about cryptocurrencies so do not worry because we will help each other learn and gain experience, I think that all members are also attracted by cryptocurrencies because they lead to making money if The information and knowledge were used correctly
  3. I think you are right, but I think that there are some good currencies as well, such as the Latcoin currency, as it is one of the leading currencies that many people advise about, and there are many expectations that this currency will be stronger day after day
  4. This is true, when the market is bearish then we must choose some cryptocurrencies that we trust and keep them until the time the price rises, I also trade in such currencies that you talked about, they are considered good and reliable currencies and this is a very important thing
  5. I do not know if we can make such investments, but we can invest in some platforms, for example, through the yobit platform. You can invest your cryptocurrencies to reap some profits, and I also think that there are many opportunities to invest in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  6. That's right, we not only have to trade in a few cryptocurrencies, but rather we must distribute our capital among the cryptocurrencies, so we must choose these currencies well in order not to suffer financial loss, and these currencies that you talked about look good to me
  7. Yes, I expect that, because cryptocurrencies are spreading widely in the world, and now the world uses cryptocurrencies more than before, so I think that many charitable organizations will use cryptocurrencies, besides that there are many people who do not like their name to appear. They donated money to charities and this thing is one of the advantages of cryptocurrencies
  8. This is true, if we create topics that are not important and do not contain information, this will negatively affect us, because that leads to the possibility of getting alert or ban points, so I advise everyone to write useful and understandable topics for everyone in order to obtain a good reputation
  9. I agree with you on that, also if you have sufficient information and knowledge about trading and investment operations then you can earn a lot of quarters through cryptocurrencies, so I think it is very important to learn this information.
  10. Do not worry, you can log in to your personal account and then log in to your activity log in the forum. You will then see all the posts that you have shared in this forum.
  11. That's right, 200 satoshi are paid for every post that gets a positive reputation, and also 10 tokens are paid for each post even if it does not contain a positive reputation, so I advise everyone to write useful and understandable posts in a simple language, in order to get the largest number Of good reputation
  12. Hello my friend, do not worry. This site is legitimate, and it pays members as well, for it is very important that you get a reputation in this forum in order for your payments to increase, as well as a good reputation for encouraging work and learning in the forum, and for everyone to get the reputation must be Their posts are useful and understandable to all, and also that they be written in a simple language so that the largest number of people can benefit from these posts.
  13. This is true, I agree with you on this, because there are many people who have knowledge and experience with cryptocurrencies previously, but they joined this forum recently, so I advise everyone not to treat beginners as people who do not know anything about cryptocurrencies, but rather they should We always have to help and support them in that
  14. As for me, I receive my payments first from the yobit platform, after that I do some trading operations in it, then I convert my cryptocurrencies to latecoin because the commission for withdrawals in the LaCoin currency is low, and then I convert them into paper currencies, I hope this comment is useful is yours
  15. There are some people who like to work in the forum through the computer, and also there are people who like to work through the laptop, but for me I like to use the mobile phone, because then I can work and learn in the forum anywhere and also very easily
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