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  1. I think so because of anonymity that Blockchain gives to its user then it is hard to track the person behind any wrong doings like selling drugs, human organs and other transactions from deep web. So it could be the reason why some of countries or people were against to it. But I hope we don't only see its bad side, we must develop it so that those thing wouldn't happen again. Blockchain is a huge help when used in right way.
  2. I don't have yet, I'm still waiting for my first income from this forum. I hope it will arrive after 7 days, so I could used it for my upcoming online class. I don't have wifi at home so I need to buy load to be able to have an internet connection. I don't have work yet, this forum was the only thing I know that I could somehow generate an income. So I'm so much anticipating my first income.
  3. I was so happy because finally I could make an income, at first I had struggled a bit because English was not my native language so I couldn't express my thoughts well. Also I'm new to this forum so I need to study the forum guidelines first and it was so frustrating whenever my post was deleted. I'm also thankful to this forum because I've learned so many things especially when it comes to cryptocurrency.
  4. The people who bought BTC when its value was just a cent was millionaire now they don't need to make a job to sustain their needs. So when there is a new crypto make sure to buy some, because it could make you a millionaire too just like the people who believe in Bitcoin in its early days.
  5. The supply and demand controls the movement of the market, the reason why other cryptocurrency's price rose up because their are people who bought or make an investment to it. Also the reason why the Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency because it is the most popular meaning it is the in demand among the other cryptocurrency.
  6. For me BTC because compared to USD or any currency it has a lot of platform for you to earn in an instant. Like in trading if you are a good trader then it would easy for you to earn that 1 BTC compared to USD. Other than that there are forums, mining, airdrop, bounty, faucet, gambling and etc. See there are a lot of ways to earn BTC.
  7. I thought that things too I was worried what would happen to cryptocurrency price because there are virus and for sure the economy of some country will drop, but I was wrong despite of this pandemic, cryptocurrency still gaining some price just like before the pandemic happen. I think it is because of halving, so it gains demand because of this pandemic. So I conclude that it has long way to go.
  8. Well because of widespread hacking, scamming, fraud and other bad things that already happening on internet, it is the time to make a secure algorithm that would stop those things. Blockchain is the key, because of its high level security and fault-tolerance algorthim it can't easily tampered by anyone. As of now I think no one could be able to make an algorithm that would break the security of the Blockchain.
  9. It is okay to choose all? If the only choices are that three then I would choose the number 1 because you were earning while sleeping that is the dream of many people nowadays. But when you ask me to give my choices then I would suggest this forum, it is free and legit. Also its income is far from that in the choices, you just need to make a quality post then they will give you 1k Satoshi. Don't settle for less when in fact their are a lot of free websites that you can try and make a decent income.
  10. Other than Bitcoin I think Ethereum is also best Cryptocurrency to keep , also XRP because of its price we can buy a lot of it then wait for its price to rise up. Just like in Bitcoin, I think it took 8 years to boom the price imagine if that happen also in XRP. So better choose those Cryptocurrency that has low price, because we don't know it is the answer to our prayers.
  11. Before engaging to some websites better to make some research or look for the reviews about those sites you are going to use because a lot of sites nowadays are scam. Just like what I did, I'm in this forum because my friends already make an income from it, so it is enough evidence for me to start making some post in this forum.
  12. News is my main source of information sometimes because some of it is legit so I'm not doubting it, but because of your post I think I need to have a lot of sources of information not just the news, so that I will not make a mistakes especially in trading platform.
  13. I hope someday they would add some features that are beneficial to the users like us. But staying long is just enough because they can help a lot especially to those people who don't have job yet, this forum is good for them because you can make some decent profit from it.
  14. Well bearish or bullish are both beneficial. Bearish is beneficial for the people who are going to buy Bitcoin while the latter is for the people who are holding so much Bitcoin and ready to sell when that event happen. The one who is complaining of bearish is the one that wants to sell the cryptocurrency that they are holding but they can't do it because of the price drop.
  15. By the year 2140 all the BTC will be mined by then maybe the price of Bitcoin will drop and the worst case is it will become priceless. But don't worry it takes a lot of time to happen we are just in 2020 so in the span of 120 years for sure there are a lot of improvements that will happen in Bitcoin. We don't know but maybe they will restock it, who knows.
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