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  1. The last block will be mined in the year 2140. By all assesment, if Bitcoin survives till then it will be 100mn or at the minimalist 1mn$, and the fees will be high enough to keep the miners floaters. Just keep hodling and keep earning satoshis, all your future generations will be happy with you as their great great grandfather.
  2. Altcoins are better alternative, but you have to absolutely sure, which altcoins you are investing in. Because when bitcoin is going up, its all sunshine in the crypto world. and when it goes, all altcoins goes together. But if the question is about investing and not investing, i would always suggest investing, but with reasoning and due diligence
  3. Well the counter argument would be, why should anybody invite anybody to bitcoin. When bitcoin came into existence, very few believed. Yet the few who believe, supported it and look at where it is now 18000$, heading towards 19000$. If someone is still not a believer, then let him stay an atheist. We can just collect our rewards.
  4. Tips well, here is Show Them The Money. Here is another one, Money talks Bull**** walks. Just show them how much your earned, and they will be convinced. In a world where greed has taken centerstage, words of mouth means nothing. Hence the best way is to just show them the money.
  5. I do not understand how can an asset being traded on free market be less volatile than any fiat currency, which is the base of stable coins. Case in point USD to USDT. Anyways, XRP has it merits, and hence all the hype surrounding it, but the problems are more then meets the eye, and hence it is not doing as good as it should. Personally, if something is not decentralised, then it is not cryptocurrency for me.
  6. I agree with all the points, but on my personal experience, I can say, the easiest way to earn a capital is to post in cryptotalk, use the satoshi, and cash out the talk tokens in satoshi, accumulate, probably invest in some coin in investbox, and keep doing it for a month, that will easily give you a decent capital.
  7. That is unfair to ask of posters, who are trying their best to earn something. That responsibility actually lies with the moderators, but since mods are not in play, rather forum member by way of giving reputation, is responsible for member's pay, then the forum members are responsible. I personally, think everyone who has made a sincere attempt should be eligible for payment, hence I make sure, I use my ability to issue reputation to all deserving post i can.
  8. Well if you were banned for 30 days, you should have just waited for 30 days. If you didnt, then you were banned again, why because you broke the rules again. Now everytime you break a rule, and you are banned, means you will be banned again. Just, follow the rules, and dont break them. In a forum rules are paramount thing.
  9. I will be the first to acknowledge, that I have got a lot from this forum and more so from its collaboration with Yobit. I have free Yoda, Dice, Alice, Dlrs, Talk and Easy. If I calculate, i must have got around 100$ for free, just being a member of Yobit and cryptotalk. Plus the additional money, I got from posting and then investing that in other investments. Cryptotalk has been one of the best adventures I did online.
  10. You are not going to be filthy rich, if you work on cryptotalk, but if you are starting out at 0, or is absolute newbie, then this is the best place to start at. I didn't get any such site, when I was starting out, and had to go through mountains of hurdles. But if you come and work hard here, you can easily earn a principal and start in your trading career.
  11. To answer your question, I am a yobit investbox investor, but I am not in profit. I put in about 350$ till now, and I am yet to get 150$ to reach bep. But now I have many investments in yobit investbox, and hope to reach bep in about a week or two. I would seriously urge to take investbox seriously.
  12. Well apart from earning a little bit of money on the site, you can learn a ton of things and spread whatever you have learned. It is a great place to meet like minded crypto enthusiast, investors, traders etc. If you are starting out, there is no other place that is better than cryptotalk. But if you are as old as me, it is just part of the day today lives.
  13. At present I can only say, invest in water in Yobit investbox, and withdraw your profits at then end of the month. If you compound a whole month, whatever you put in, you would probably triple your amount, and then you can use that money to trade in other coins or just withdraw.
  14. Well after reading the first post, I just went to my account to check if talk can be found. I can see talk being traded. Might be some technical glitch, but must have been solved now. Talk right now is being traded at 76 satoshi.
  15. Well not if he is truly Japanese. Japs are big on respect and their word. Nakamato, delivered Bitcoin and went anonymous. Reasons we don't know, maybe he didn't want the hype or maybe he liked his quiet life way more than any hype. No one knows, But one thing is for sure, he went anonymous. Now can he come back sure he can, but if he does, he goes against the first statement of anonymity he issued to the world. So my bet is he is never going to appear.
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