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  1. There are many cloud mining sites in the field of encryption, but unfortunately most of them are fraud, and I do not have confidence in these sites, because I previously lost an amount of money in one of these sites as it disappeared from the Internet after a short period, so we must be careful
  2. There was no significant change in the price of bitcoin during halving contrary to the expectations of many experts and its price remained stable for several months and was between $9,000 and $9,500, but almost a week ago the price of bitcoin increased to $11,800 and if bitcoin continues to The rally is likely to reach $ 15,000 at the end of the year in my opinion
  3. I have read some posts on this forum and also some articles, that launch of the Ethereum 2.0 network will probably take place at the beginning of next year, and this network will be a major development in the currency of ethereum, so I think that in the coming months, the ethereum will increase significantly
  4. It is a very important post for members who always ask what is the difference between CryptoTalk and Bitecointalk, for me I prefer CryptoTalk because it is easy to use and you can make good profits and also learn and increase your knowledge about the crypto world
  5. First of all regarding the value of token TALK, I expect it to be between 300 and 500 Satoshi and I think that we will be able to exchange it for Bitcoin and Dogecoin and I am fully confident that we will achieve much better profits than the campaign previous, so we must continue to work in the forum without stopping
  6. Fortunately I was not hacked from any exchange platform, where I hold cryptocurrencies and I am happy about it, but we must always remain careful and take the utmost protection against the hackers who are waiting for any opportunity to steal our money
  7. It is clear that this offer is important and has a strong project dedicated to the ecosystem and depends on blockchain technology and is supported by international companies, I will search for a WETALK series more using Google for more information
  8. That's right, I agree with what the CEO of Ripple said that 99% of cryptocurrencies will disappear because they have no important project in the crypto world and therefore no one is buying these coins and over time these currencies will become dead
  9. The currency arrangement NEO between cryptocurrencies is good in Coinmarketcap and I think it has a good future in the world of crypto and there are many experts in the field of crypto expect that the price of this currency will rise in the future
  10. I think that it is possible that the alternative currencies will rise soon in the crypto market, especially if the Bitcoin continues to rise and has reached a very high price and settled at this price, this will directly lead to a significant increase in the prices of the alternative currencies in the crypto market
  11. After the recent updates in the forum, you can now give a reputation, whether positive or negative, on any post without knowing your name, and this is positive and will help clean the forum from spam
  12. If I have a skill in the two jobs, I will choose to trade because its profits are greater, but now I prefer to work as a crypto writer to collect money and learn to trade and when I have good capital then I trade in cryptocurrencies
  13. Certainly I will feel sad when I lose money in trading, but I try to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them, for me I prefer long-term trading as I buy cryptocurrencies at a low price and keep them until the price rises then I sell them
  14. Thank you for mentioning this interesting information about bitcoin, I was hoping to be among the 990 bitcoin wallets that contain more than $ 10 million in bitcoin, but maybe in the future it will happen.
  15. Certainly I owe my thanks and gratitude for cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, because it was the first cryptocurrency to be dealt with and it gave me financial freedom away from the control of banks and I was able through Bitcoin to achieve good profits and I am happy with this
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