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  1. Yeah my friend you are right. We have to try avoiding making simple even simple mistakes. Because it can make other users misunderstood about certain topics you create. But even if we concentrate on simple topics we can still be mistaken. Never consider that but make sure all understands what you wrote.
  2. Yeah my friend what you said is absolutely right. Because there is a lot of new members to this forum who may not be knowing anything about cryptocurrencies and this forum. So they would be looking up to members like you the senior and experienced ones of this platform. So you guys have to make topics that can help other members of this forum.
  3. My dear friend all you need to do is that to make posts and comments about the knowledge you have about cryptocurrencies and trading. First you need to complete hundred useful posts and then you have to make 20 useful comments per day. You will be getting your payment after seven days counting from the time you completed your first 20 useful posts.
  4. You are right we should have a clear reason and intension why we are here. And let's make my intension clear,that I wish to have a role in the cryptocurrencies and bitcoins platform. That's why I'm here. Because the price of bitcoins are going high day by day. So don't wait and get into the field. So that you can live the life you needed.
  5. Of comparing between topics and comments I would choose topics . Because all the members are in search of good and useful topics that can literally help them to work better in this forum. So that you would be getting a lot of ratings and reputation for the topics you make
  6. All I want to advise you about working in this forum is that follow the elder members of this forum so that you can learn a lot about cryptocurrencies and trading and about how to be in this platform. Also learn as much as you can about cryptocurrencies and create topics that are helpful to other members.
  7. That was the news I was waiting to hear for a long time. Seriously brother that's a very good and satisfied thing that I can here the entire day. We members who are working here with full dedication was always disturbed of these scammers. Therefore this is the best thing to here.
  8. Thank you for your valuable post. It will definitely help all the members in this forum especially the new members of this platform. Because they may not be knowing what is happening here actually. So information like this about the forum can definitely help them. Help from elder members like you is always admirable.
  9. No money will come automatically. We have to give a load of hard work for achieving what we wished for. All the successful people have a story of pain and hard work and determination behind their success. So if you work hard to gain high in cryptocurrencies then definitely money will flow to you.
  10. Very kind of you my brother. Because nowadays all are trying to make new and unique topics so that they can get a lot of reactions and thus reputations. But they don't know the basic structure of a topic that definitely pulls them back. Therefore the information you provided is absolutely useful.
  11. Inorder to work efficiently in this platform you just need to be enjoying this platform. You definitely need a serious bond for the cryptocurrencies or else you will find this platform a boring. And also get as much as knowledge and information about cryptocurrencies and trading and bitcoins. So that you can learn as well as teach others about cryptocurrencies in this platform. This working efficiently.
  12. I hope for a very bright future for this forum and all crypto talk forums. Because cryptocurrencies are growing day by day. And it's a continuous and consistent growth than any other currencies. Also bitcoins have huge demand and the price of single bitcoin is Very very high. So definitely if you invest in this you can earn in near by future.
  13. I personally go with mobile phones when the question of which device is better for crypto arises. Because you can take your mobile phone anywhere and everywhere at anytime and that's what we are doing all day. We are comfortable using our mobile phones. Therefore use it for working in this platform. And to choose between android and iOS phone I say that your choice. I have android and I face no problems.
  14. I totally agree with you my friend. It's really hard to be a newbie in this platform. Because you Will be very new to this crypto world and may not be knowing anything about it. So basically it's your learning time. And also you won't get any payments for your post as a newbie as the first hundred posts are unpaid.
  15. My dear friend. We get warning points which we can see in our profile. These warning points clearly mention what is our fault. Mostly it would be inappropriate posts or content that we created. Or working against the rules and regulations of this forum. Anyway be careful about everything and move wisely.
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