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  1. The brown bar at the top of the page is a note or alert that the admin left informing us that the payment has been paused in the English language section only. This is so we don't wonder when we don't see our payments on Yopit. I do not know what the matter is, but I am optimistic that this update will be for the better.
  2. Yes, my friend, this matter happened previously, as the payment stopped temporarily and it took several weeks for the payment to start again. You never need to worry, it's just a matter of time. We have to use this time to work and focus on gaining knowledge, since we cannot earn money at the moment.
  3. Thank you for this topic my friend. Trading certainly requires a lot of patience. It also needs deliberation, constant knowledge, and monitoring of the prices of different currencies, as it undergoes many fluctuations, sometimes its value decreases and sometimes it increases a lot. Also, consulting with experienced people is very important and helps us a lot and makes it easy for us.
  4. The reason for the lack of followers, although your comments and topics are useful, is that you are still a beginner, and this is not a defect, but I think that many people here follow up on expert and older members only and therefore in order to gain experience from them. Therefore, it is only a matter of time and the older and more experienced you get, the more followers you get
  5. It makes no difference if the person you are referring to is a beginner or an old member. Mentioning someone means that you want them to see what you have posted and may give you a positive reputation. That is, its aim is to obtain good reputations easily.
  6. Your sister can create an account on this platform, but she cannot use the same wifi network that you use, because this means that you are sharing the same IP address, and this is against the rules and may lead to blocking the two accounts together. I also do not advise them to use public networks. This is also unsafe for the same reason. I advise her to use her cell phone data.
  7. Yes, my friend, the warning point is permanent and does not go away, and it does not cause your posts to be deleted. The post on which you received a warning point may be deleted, no more. As for other posts, some of them are deleted sometimes because they are not useful. If you get more than one warning point, you will be temporarily banned, and upon completion of 6 warning points, your account will be completely banned.
  8. I don't think this feature is present here in this forum and it would be very useful to have it. An alternative solution to your problem is to take a screenshot and mark it as a favorite. This will enable you to access it easily. You can submit your suggestion to the moderators if you wish.
  9. Yes, my friend, you cannot interact on the posts of the banned members, but you can still comment on their posts. So I think that if you comment on a banned person’s post and your comment gets a good reputation, it will be charged and you will receive money for it.
  10. No requirement for a person to be frustrated in order to become a fraud. Sometimes a person is lazy and wants to get money without making any effort, so they cheat and steal money that their owners got from their fatigue.
  11. Yes, my friend, earning good money is closely related to the availability of experience, because it enables us to publish useful topics that will definitely get a good reputation and thus will pay for these topics. I would like to add that good experience comes from extensive study, information gathering, research and investigation, and learning everything related to cryptocurrencies. Experience requires great effort and deep study.
  12. Yes, my friend, I would like to thank you for your post, as it contains useful tips for beginners and new members, although they are all mentioned in the forum rules, but most of them start publishing before reading the rules. The use of one network to work in this forum by two or more accounts is considered a violation of the rules, copying and pasting, publishing short and insignificant topics, and other errors all cause the ban or warning points, so caution and adherence to the rules must be required.
  13. My friend, it is very simple. There are scores from _5 to +5 If the post is bad, you can rate it with negative reputation starting from -1 to -5 depending on its bad. If the post is good, you can rate it with good reputation from +1 to +5 depending on its usefulness. If the participation rate is positive, you will receive 200 satoshi for it. But if the average reputation is negative or zero, you will not receive any money.
  14. I think the reason this feature has been turned off is that members were just giving out reputation randomly in order to receive money for it. Now, all members give positive evaluations and reputation only to those who deserve it, important and useful topics, and negative reputations for bad or repetitive topics. You will be paid if your participation gets a good reputation, and do not worry about this aspect, as useful posts must get good reputations, so be sure to make your posts useful and important as possible.
  15. Yes, it would have been nice if this feature was present. I'm always curious to know who gave my posts a good reputation. But I think it is our knowledge of those who gave us reputation that is not beneficial, so the forum did not put them. All the features that are here are there for some purpose or benefit.
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