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  1. Hello my friend, how are you? Yes, I agree with you. Reading the responses will help us understand the topics more and put responses out in a more understandable way. Good luck to you.
  2. Hello my friend, how are you? I hope you are in good health. Yes, we must not despair and continue working. I have been miserable since the site was suspended, but I am still continuing to work in the hope that it will return again. I wish good luck to all
  3. Hello my friend, how are you? I hope that you are in good health. This does not affect the closure of your account. If you do not have 100 posts in a week, you are free to complete them in two or three or even 10 days. It does not matter, but no comment is counted until after you complete the 100 good luck
  4. Hello friend, how are you? Yes, if your post contains spelling errors and vague and incomprehensible words, this leads to deleting it. If you do not receive warning points, so good luck, pay attention to your language well.
  5. Hello my friend, how are you. I hope you are fine. In fact, I take every day here from two to three hours, depending on the time you complete the 20 comments. It may take more or less, but I advise you to take your time here to work accurately and enjoy the same time Good luck for you
  6. Hello my friend, how are you? I hope you are fine. Yes, it is possible, but on the condition that the two accounts are not connected to the same router, ie the IP must be from two different devices and different routers Good luck for everyone
  7. Peace be upon you, my friend. Thank you for raising this topic. In fact, presenting useful, new and interesting topics that are attractive and gain us a good reputation. I am one of the people who express their admiration for topics or comments that deserve good luck to you.
  8. Hello my friend, thank you for raising this wonderful topic. In order to achieve success, you must set clear goals and work to achieve them. You must have the will and patience to endure the difficulties and obstacles until you reach your goal. I wish success to all Good luck to you
  9. Hello my friend, how are you In fact, I like the responses to the questions that are asked and I have enough experience about them. Write the information I know and avoid commenting on topics about which I do not know anything. Good luck to you.
  10. Hello how are you my friend In fact, I faced some difficulties in the beginning in how to create the account, and some instructions were not clear at the beginning for me, except after I started working, I gained knowledge day after day and I began to feel the ease of work and enjoy it
  11. Hello how are you my friend If you get reviews in the first 100 free posts, that will earn you a reputation, but the evaluations are not calculated paid at the beginning after completing the 100 posts, you will upgrade the rank and the more positive interactions you take, the more your reputation will be from neutral to good to excellent and good luck
  12. Hello my friend, how are you? I hope you are well. Yes, I agree with you, and I noticed this also. This phenomenon has spread in recent times clearly and that most people give a reputation only for payments. Money should not be the only way to do this Support some of you even if morally you encourage some of you to Do it good luck
  13. Hello my friend, how are you? I hope you are fine. In fact, yes it can be safe if you do not share your personal information with anyone. Avoid links that require information such as your email and password. If your wallet does not ask for this information, then you are safe, good luck for you.
  14. Hello my friend, I hope you are well. In fact, most of the members enter here in order to earn money, and all that matters to them is that their posts receive a good reputation. Basically, they do not read other people's posts carefully until they give them the reputation that they deserve and this is the main reason for the lack of interaction. It doesn't take two seconds of your time. Good luck everyone
  15. Hello my dear friend I do not think that it is very difficult for cryptocurrencies to replace coins. Perhaps this happens in some developing and developed countries, but not permanently, although I hope that it replaces coins. Buying online is much easier and faster than reality. Good luck dear
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