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  1. Sometimes its hard to find that which websites or pages really can be scams. Because i have also seen it that a website which has good reviews proved as scam site later. So to find this that a site is reliable or not people have to be very conscious and have to justify everything very closely before providing any personal information. Because a little mistake can make you ruined.
  2. Yes mate you are right! Cryptotalk is such a forum which gives us a the opportunity of earning and learning together. While sitting at home we can make the best use of our time. It can be proven a full time job for some people if they can put their best effort on it. The best thing about this forum is that Cryptotalk finds out the inner potential of a person and make them self independant.
  3. Absolutely. Without gaining knowledge you won't be able to earn. If you wanna do a work properly you need to keep a complete idea and knowledge over the thing. So to suvive in this forum and to earn and grow in this forum everyone should do their research so that they can gain enough knowledge to make a worthy content.
  4. Excillent philosophy! That's why sometimes making mistake is also important so that we can learn a lesson from this for our lives. Our mistakes gives us the best motivation to do better in life. And yes who is better than us can be our idol. We can't be same but of course can be better than them by working hard.
  5. @Showrov03 Thanks for your concern.I have fully understood the topic bro and i am very sure about what i commented on this topic. You didn't get my point. Kindly go through the comment again and try to understand what i tried to convince. Thank you.
  6. Exactly! Even i also noticed it. In this forum we should co operate with each other. We should be kind and helpful with each other. We just shouldn't think about ourselves only. It has been stopped payment for giving reputation so we will not give reputation. This is not right. We should give reputation to admire one's work amd dedication. We should think that for my reputation another person will be able to earn.
  7. Definitely, being a member of this forum i feel blessed. This forum is fullfilling my needs. The money which i earn from this forum is the proof of my self employment. Well i am happy with 10 talk for per post. What i do with my token is that i gather them untill they are huge in ammount. After that i sell half of them for bearing my expanses and invest half of them. From the long term investment i usually get profit, this is exciting.
  8. Well first of all you are not only here for commenting so you should research about the topic to understand the fact, you can also read other's comment as well so that you can get idea. But if you think you are not getting the idea trying very much then you should skip that because if you comment without understanding the content your comment will not be worthy.
  9. Yes you can. Earning from cryptotalk can be invested on Yobit. If you go to your Yobit account there you will find an option named "Investment" You can invest on that directly from your balance.
  10. Well, if i tell my view about this forum in one line, this would be" This forum can remove the unemployment problem completely if it's activity would spread worldwide." Yes of course day by day this forum is progressing if you compare it with 2/3 years back. And if you abide by the rules of this forum carefully there is no fear of getting banned. What is needed just to hold dreams and work to make it true.
  11. I think for earning some profit you can trade on yobit. Bitcoin is the king Cryptocurrency at present. People are predicting that Bitcoin will touch around 10 million dollar in some years so you can see which state bitcoin is belonging now. So you can trade on Bitcoin if you have the proper knowledge about trading. Thus you can earn.
  12. I didn't understand what you want to say. So you are saying that Hacker will loot other's money and will serve to us those money? Like seriously dude? If they are doing crime by hacking other's address amd looting money don't you think you are also doing crime by saying this? well hackers obviously do crimes but its not right to say this. I am sorry, no offence, this is my point of view. Don't get me wrong.
  13. Exactly! If you have the mindset to get profit in a short time then i will say you shouldn't invest. Because it doesn't happen really. Achieving something great needs time and that's true. If you really want to invest and get profits from this then you have to keep the mindset tohold that coin for a very long time. I am saying this because i have faced it by myself.Its my experience.
  14. In this forum, you have to follow the rules first for earning money. You have to complete 100 required posts first but you will not get paid for that. After completing those posts you will be able to create 20 posts per day, and you will get paid for those after seven days. You will get 1000 satoshi for per post which will earn reputation like: +1, +2 etc. So you should try to make qualityful post for earning reputation.
  15. Well buddy, primarily you don't need specific skill for cryptotalk. After joining the forum you will need a lot of patience to survive in this forum and of course you will need a clear English writing skill because in this forum everything occurs in English. This two skills are primarily needed to survive in Cryptotalk. After that you will learn automatically abiut everything realed to this forum.
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