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  1. These are new ideas for making money through the Internet I heard about blogging, but I didn't get into this field I am happy to know these sites, I will experiment and increase my daily income from the Internet Thank you for this information and for making profit sites my friend
  2. Of course, my friend, we cannot compare the crypto forum and the taps The faucets are a waste of time because the rewards are so little, which is frustrating But working within cryptocurrencies is good as the earnings are good in addition to that the interaction is easy and the members are helpful
  3. It is helpful to remind us of this important information in order to avoid it and try to stay away from it and to avoid getting warning and banning points Crypto forum is easy to use, but you should absolutely adhere to the rules
  4. Try to avoid free coins Or, study the currency in the long term before choosing to trade or invest This is a mistake, and it is helpful to learn from it and inform members of it to avoid falling into it Thank you, my friend, for letting us know about your experience
  5. It is good to have a positive reputation, but this requires us to present new and useful topics that contain important and easy-to-understand ideas to attract members to develop a positive reputation. On the other hand, we suffer from members who place a negative reputation constantly randomly and this is bad and requires the intervention of mediators to solve this problem
  6. Cryptocurrency domains are full of scammers and fake websites that entice you and make you fall into a trap Therefore, we must always be careful and make sure every step we want to take In addition, members should be informed of these sites or people in order to avoid them and not interact with them
  7. All what I said about this forum is true, our presence in a forum like Crypto makes us proud because it is a reliable site and brings us good profits in addition to the ease of dealing and great help among the members. All this makes us proud of Crypto and we wish him to continue
  8. I entered this forum through a friend of mine who provided some information and guided me here I entered with determination to succeed and access knowledge with which to make money I am confident in myself and I hope to achieve success for myself and all the members here
  9. This rating that you mentioned can be considered good and helps moderators and members to find good topics that are worth reading and sharing And bad topics that need warning points But we do have a problem, there are members who randomly post the interaction, which is bad
  10. This is true, my friend, we entered the field of digital currencies and we are still at the beginning of the road ahead. There are many important opportunities that we must take advantage of in order to be able to reach success Find knowledge on the forum and express your opinion on the topics, this is how you will earn knowledge and money together
  11. This is true my friend. We must be careful and check the trading platforms before placing our money. This is due to the presence of fraudulent platforms For me, the best platform for trading and investing is Yobit You can trade and invest easily and safely, and you can end your investment and withdraw your money at any time you want
  12. That's right my friend, this way you can get unread posts easily This feature helps us a lot and organizes our time I spent a lot of time reaching new topics Thank you, my friend, for this information
  13. That's right my friend, we all want to grow with Crypto We entered this forum and started gaining knowledge and teaching us a lot We want Crypto to continue in order to continue with it, grow, and acquire knowledge and money Our success is related to the success of the forum so we want to grow with it
  14. My friend, it took us more than this time to write a new post Because we study the topic and try to write useful and accurate responses I think this is a very useful time to review our response before adopting it to avoid spelling mistakes
  15. Frankly, my friend, I did not write a topic because I have some kind of fear I have been researching and trying to find a new topic to share here in the forum We must all try to create new topics because they increase the activity and vitality of the forum
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