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  1. Getting financial gains through working on the Internet has become easier and more effective than other businesses as you can get money through marketing or the field of cryptocurrencies. As this field contains a lot of great options for obtaining profits, you can write in the cryptocurrency forums or by making a trade
  2. This is normal, as everyone went through these circumstances and we were beginners and we got some negative reputations because of our lack of mastery of the method of writing and grammar, but with the passage of days we became masters of this matter well and we became a good book and we got a positive reputation well The matter may need to continue and learn in the end you will reach success
  3. Of course, my friend, working within the CryptoTalk forum greatly improved my English language as I was able to improve my English language and terminology well and this is because I did not master the English language well through continuous writing and translation, which led to my correct understanding of the English language.
  4. Of course, my friend, you can become rich by working in the field of cryptocurrencies, but it takes work and perseverance, as it does not happen through words only Set your goals in front of you and work hard to reach great success
  5. This is true, my friend, we have noticed this thing. I think that this matter is due to the activity of the members who are with us, as there are many members who are absent for several days and then return. In addition, there are many countries that were active in the English section and were subjected to the ban. This led to a partial decrease in activity This section
  6. From among the currencies that you mentioned in your topic, I choose litecoin and keep a good amount within my investment. I think it is good and has high demand, and it is among the 10 currencies at the top. In addition to the Ethereum currency, it is very wonderful that you can make good profits through it
  7. Frankly, my friend, I regret that I was late in entering the world of crypto and cryptocurrencies as well. I regret selling all my bitcoins when it rose to $ 20,000. I did not expect that it would continue to rise until reaching the $ 40,000 barrier. The important thing in this field is that you do not despair and keep trying again, learn from your mistakes, and achieve successes
  8. Within the successive events in the field of cryptocurrencies, we find that things are heading towards a great rise, as we find that important companies and people in the world have begun to invest in the field of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. This has led to an increase in demand and a significant increase in its prices and makes the field of cryptocurrencies the best field for investment and profits
  9. Good day to you too, my friend Initially, you can take a long break from the forum without affecting your account or affecting your funds in your account on the Yobit platform But I don't think breaks are helpful because the field of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving and you have to follow it constantly in order to maintain your correct understanding of this field and reap good profits.
  10. You can get rewards and financial gains by commenting on the topics in the various sections of the forum, whether these topics are new or old only, you must write a useful and good comment that contains important and easy-to-understand ideas to ensure that your participation is protected from deletion and so you will get the rewards
  11. You can reset your password for the Yobit platform through e-mail. You just have to choose forgot password, and you will receive an e-mail message enabling you to re-type the new password. This process is easy and this is one of the nice features of the forum and the platform
  12. There is no need to worry, the Yobit platform is characterized by security and credibility, but some days they keep our payments from the btc for several days or weeks, and then they allow us to withdraw our payments completely and we are not deprived of them, so there is no need for fear and anxiety, my friend
  13. Of course, my friend, the field of cryptocurrencies is a wide field, long-term investment and good profits. All the world is heading to cryptocurrencies, which leads to a significant increase in prices, so we must buy cryptocurrencies at this time to take advantage of them when prices rise.
  14. Since paying for likes has stopped, most members have stopped giving likes to topics, and this is a wrong concept and must be corrected because the idea of evaluations is not to obtain gains, but rather is evidence of the quality of participation and its containment of good information, thus we help members choose useful posts to read and learn from them and avoid posts with a negative evaluation Low quality
  15. The field of cryptocurrencies gives you many wonderful features that make our lives easier and faster in terms of keeping money, getting rid of bank and tax control, and fast transfer between members, secretly and quickly. In addition, this field gives you real job opportunities through which you can get some good financial gains
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