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  1. Да, есть много мошенников на этом сайте, мы хотим быть осторожным у них. Они хотят всегда знать нашу личную информацию для взлома нашего аккаунта. Итак, мы никогда не хотим делиться нашей личной информацией для защиты нашего аккаунта.
  2. Yes success depends on work.Working hard is the way of success. So,we always want to work hard. We want to work much times and make useful posts for success to crypto currency.
  3. Yes you are absolutely right. But we also want to work beginner section. As a new member we can learn all things about crypto currency by working beginner section. After learn all things we want to work all sections for learn new informative things.
  4. Yes you are absolutely right. We want to always give positive reputation for new beginner's useful posts. Then they can motivate them-self and try to work so hard for get good profits.
  5. For get good reputation we want to make useful posts and follow the rules. If we make helpful posts or topics for other members then they can give us positive reputation. So,we want to always make useful posts.
  6. @abohasnn15 You are absolutely right. As a new member we don’t know anything about this platform. So,at first we want to work beginner section for learning. Now I have proper knowledge about this platform. Now I can work all sections for learning new informative things. @Sami11 well said.
  7. @Muhammad asim36202 Yes you are absolutely right. Many new beginners are doing violence without proper knowledge. First new beginners want to achieve proper knowledge about crypto currency and then they want to work hard for earn a good amount of coins.
  8. Yes you are absolutely right. Now we can earn coins by many ways.But many of them are killing our time and don’t give us much coins. But crypto currency gives us much coins. So,I am feeling so happy by working crypto currency.
  9. Yes buddy,you are right. But we don’t get days won points for many reputation. Other members were post that if we get most reputation points on that day then we can won days won point.
  10. Yes crypto currency payment rules had been changed 2 months ago.Before we got 1000 satoshi for each useful posts. But now we get payment 200 satoshi for each useful posts.
  11. You are absolutely right. In life we can fail many time.If we emotional that time then we can't work and get paid a bad result. But if we patient our-self then we work hard and more and then we can get paid good result. So,we want to always patient on our-self for success.
  12. Private keys means our important personal information. So,we never want to share it.If we share it then scammers can hack our account. We want to always protect our personal information for secure our account.
  13. We can get payment for making useful posts. This is not a hard work. This platform is part time job for me.By working crypto currency I can earn much coins. These coins are so helpful for me.
  14. It is the against rules to make multiple posts on a single topic. If you do that then it is risk for your account and you can be banned. You don’t get payment for these kinds of multiple posts on a single topic.
  15. @Crypto-Warrior Yes that is do new beginners. New beginners want to earn more coins. So,they make topics without proper knowledge. But they want to avoid that.We want to always make useful topics with proper knowledge. @Spartanezz @Majd well said.
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