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  1. Dear your english language should be strong. Your english grammar should be strong. You should have little knowledge about cryptocurrency. You will share knowledge on this site and get more knowledge about cryptocurrency.
  2. Your have clearly explain this topic. I think trading is a good way of getting profit. We buy tokens when its price is low and sell these tokens when the price of these coins increases. This method is called trading. A member who takes part in trading is called a trader.
  3. Dear, we can create useful posts if we have great experience about this forum. So when we are continuosly creating posts with the passage of time our experience increases. If we continuosly work we see a great change in our posts in short time.
  4. Dear mate, this forum provides us a best opportunity to earn and learn at the same time. It is our bad luck that we miss this good chance. We should not waste time and continue struggle to get the aim of life. This site give us a chance to get knowledge about cryptocurrency.
  5. My dear brother no doubt this site is best for earning and learning.I think this is first forum from which i am getting a lot of knowledge. We can say that it is a wonderful site. We should not miss this chance and continue our struggle.
  6. Yes dear. Mostly people create create multiple accouts to increase reputation. But it is not a good way to increase reoutation. If we want to get payement of useful posts we should give reputation on others posts. We should tell the members if they are not giving reaction they will not get payement.
  7. Offcourse my friend. We need the help of senior members. So we should support every member of the site to become a permanent member. If we don't support each other thenwe cannot become successful on this forum. Support each other by giving them reputation and creating good posts and topics.
  8. Your topic is very useful for me. As i don't know how we can become a good and strong member. Your post is motivational for me. Thanks for creating such posts. Have a nice day.
  9. Thanks dear. As i am begginer so this post is really helpful for me. As a begginer we should focus on reading instead of creating post and topics. In the beggining, we should not be greedy to earn money. Rather reading is the best way of getting experience.
  10. Thanks brother for this useful information. I have heard there are many currencies in the word. But i knew about few currencies. I have learnt a few currencies from Friends and YouTube. We should learn about all the currency to increase our knowledge.
  11. Good topic dear. No doubt every person has wish to become a rich man of the world to spend good and peaceful life. So every person is working hard to to get his aim. So face the difficulties and continue your struggle to get your aim of life. Good luck dear.
  12. I have also noticed dear there are many countries that are not allowed to work here. But i don't know why these countries are not allowed. Moderator can tell us about it. Senior member can give us information about it.
  13. Dear mate you have created a motivational post. Mostly begginers don't face the difficulties and leave this site. But i think on this site it is very easy to work. We can easily work here with strong English language and little knowledge about cryptocurrency. Because after joinning this forum we learn a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrency.
  14. Yes dear friend it is good way to increase referrals. Thank you for this useful post. You should take advice from the seniors members to increase your referrals.
  15. Welcome back friends. I have also noticed that there are mostly topics that are old but they have less replies. It reason is that begginers create posts in the new topics created by the members. We should search old topics and create posts. We can create posts in every section.
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