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  1. By investing more and more time here,a new member can do well in this forum.He should do his own research about this forum and he should learn the rules and regulations of this forum.
  2. Bro if you can read English properly,then I suggest you to read the senior member's comments on that topic.After reading some comments I hope you will understand what to write.But if you fail to understand by all the way,then I think you should skip that topic.
  3. You are right.If you we get response in our topic or comment and get good reputations,our inspiration goes higher and we can keep our full concentration in this forum.
  4. Actually I heard about Crypto world in 2020 and I also joined here in this year. It was one of the greatest decisions in my life because I am earning a handsome amount from here and it is a blessing for me.
  5. Absolutely right. The Rise of the price of Bitcoin is a blessing for the Crypto lovers. Especially the member of these cryptotalk forum I getting the best benefits of this evolution. I am hoping that the price will touch $50000 very soon.
  6. Well said buddy. Reputation is very important for everyone. We can easily understand that the post or the topic is is quality full or not. So we should work here like a brothers and sisters and we should help each other by giving reputation
  7. Absolutely right buddy. It is very much joyful for me and the other way to earn cryptocurrency free of cost full stop but it is difficult to find the way to earn Crypto that's why we should work hard to find the way
  8. I got about $15 after my first seven days. I think this earning is quite good if we compare this forum with the other forums. If you had got this amount of money then don't worry this is a very good but if you got less then I think it you should concentrate on making quality full post.
  9. Reputation is necessary for earning Bitcoin but if you can't it's good ratings don't worry you get talk to care for your every comment. But if you get ratings From them you are a good amount of Bitcoin. It is not compulsory
  10. Absolutely right bro. To achieve success we have to keep patience and we have to keep working. Success is a long process and it can't be achieved overnight. For receiving success hardworking and patience are must.
  11. Thank you for this great instructions. I try to follow this because I also want to secure my exchange site and also my currency. Nowadays hackers I like a headache and they can ruin someone's life. So we have to be very careful about them.
  12. I don't think it will happen. Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency and if any currency wants to overtake Bitcoin then it will take a very very long time because Bitcoin is now on it Golden period. So many people are predicting that Bitcoin will touch 10 million dollar in the next few years. So I don't think yo token will overtake Bitcoin.
  13. Great information. People can be benefited from your post. After launching Bitcoin the price was about $1. But gradually the price had increased and after some years the price was dropped again and now in 2021 the price is about $40,000. And it has broken all the previous record.
  14. You can target a coin and observe it for some days. If people are buying and selling this coins regularly then you can invest in this coin without any fear. Because scam coins cannot be bought or sold. So keep patience and keep your full concentration in the Marketplace.
  15. If you are skillful in typing you can complete your task in 2 hours full stop after that you can spend your time to learn about dipto word and cryptocurrency to perform the best in this forum. It's totally up to you.
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