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  1. It's May be unbeatable for such persons who take it serious and doing hard work here. A common man's can avail so much better appourtunity to make him able to be a job holder. Its really a super dooper plate form not only for a common man also for a reasonable person. I think everyone should join this forum and have great time with your seniora
  2. Well it's May be motivated for giving some reactions and sharing our ideas about selected topics..... Other thing is why we are here? Yeah I'm here to do some communication with others to make my time better instead then wasted. After that having enough information about the forum we may share our ideas about it get Amazing rewards in the form of coins or money
  3. Your selection of good content makes you eligible to survive in crypto. It will gives you appreciation from others. Your plus point will gives you more attention in crypto. That's the way to prove yourself
  4. I was post a new content after submitting my topic I was busy in some other work. I just out of my mind to breing posted something . When I came back to the forum site and want to create something else I saw the page where I created my topic few minutes ago. I forgot that I had already submitted and click on submit topic again. Now I'm afraid what will be happy to me. What should I do in this situation?? Please need your help
  5. Well I did not try it personally but I hope nothing is there to retrieve anything . You just need to click forgot password and make it recover it takes 48 hours as recovery time and still happy with your account
  6. Thanks dear for sharing this useful information about IP. Actually I I also want to Change me mobile phone and I'm so confused about my account. But now I'm so much satisfied about thanks again it really helps me
  7. Hi guys hope so you all fine and enjoy your efforts on the forum. Today I'm here to find the solution of a problem that is unemployment. Well its really hard time for such people whose are jobless. I want to know about the wide world of cryptocurrency it would make us reliable? Well I don't know where is the end of earnings at this forum. Kindly share me your opinions thanks . Have a good day.
  8. Well your post gonna viral by your content. before creating anything new you just make sure you have creating something exclusive and attractive . After some replies you also got your reasonable answer. If you get satisfaction about your topic then its the reality of quality.
  9. Hi its cold time of winter with hot cup of tea.. Hope so all of you enjoy a great time in crypto forum. I have a question is there any possibility to take a break from this forum? Will it effects our earnings?
  10. It just about one click of my mind. I was ensecured about creation of new topics just because of my mistake. And get punished it was so hurting but now I know I would be very careful for every little step.
  11. Life always tecach us different lessons about different aspects of life. There is no full stop of Learning. Even when we stop for a while then every passing moment give us a new thinking. We just need to focus on what is happening around us.
  12. I'm got experience from survey but its a little tough task for me there is so many difficulties that I had faced. It takes lots of effort with minor amount of income. Its not good for earnings but it gives us so much moral values like public dealings and communications
  13. Well good topic that you choose... I had face this problem at once but after that I take a Break to manage my time. I feel It is so boring and diversion of mind. Then I make a plan after a post or comment I like to maintain my reactions for small period of time it is useful for me. But your opinion is also good I must try it.
  14. Welcome friend you are at the right place to Learn and earn at the same time. I like your interest about the forum. Your energy level is really inspired me a lot. Well I love your opinion. Every success need lot of patience to survive. All the best
  15. Yes it will be profitable. The important thing is which is the best time to avail something from the forum. Investment is a good option but I love to prefer trading session. It's makes amount with double profit. But it will depend on market value.
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