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  1. Absolutely right, sometimes we need to hide our hustle and hide our achievements so that people will not entertain us or try to bring us down. It's better to not just boast about what we have or what we earn.
  2. Yes. If take a critical look at the world most successful people today, they took some very big risk to get to where they are today. And every step we take every day involved some risks too, it depends now on whether we want to face the risk or fear it. But anything that has no risk involved is most likely not worthy of giving your time.
  3. Probably, there are means to earn bitcoin easily but they are few or very not reliable, you should first concentrate on getting familiar with these forum first, from there you can continue reading and researching about bitcoin.
  4. Absolutely correct, I wonder how some people even disclose there identity to strangers, look at even websites, they don't even show you your own password unless you click it to show, then how about giving it to someone or a site that you don't even know or trust. Please let be careful.
  5. Though am new to the forum, bit base on my experience and what I saw from my friends as a benefit of these forum, then I think it will be a very disheartening news to many people including me to experience the closure of this platform. Let be optimistic and not pessimistic.
  6. As you said, when someone told me about cryptocurrencies too, I was very adamant to read about it or even five time to understand the issue, but later when I saw how he was doing good from cryptocurrencies and online trades, I was actually jealous as to why didn't I learn it at that time. So I will tell you that my friends earnings actually encourage me to join.
  7. I will also want to grow as well. the only way that could happen is when we read and research. Reading useful posts and comments and abidind by the forum rules and regulations
  8. What you said is right, I read lot of posts that contains reprotation of words or the same Idea over and over, probably just to make it plenty enough, this kind of thing make the reading of posts boring and can even cause them trouble too.
  9. Yes, I think the developing countries we be affected the more, it will make there youth engaged and reduce poverty and depending on the government for everything.
  10. Yes as you said, the post are limited, I think that is because the some members don't post new topics, they rather comment on old posts, the only way to stop this I my opinion is to make it a compulsory rule that every member most post a new topic before been able to make the remaining work of the day.
  11. I also noticed the same thing with some members, sometimes I think they do so because they are not aware of the rule that your content must more than 100 characters and if your post is less, then it will be deleted and may be if it's continue, then you will receive a warning.
  12. I think one thing that will help us alot in all the time we spend in this forum is to make up our minds that when ever we open a post or we are about to make a post, it should be something that will benefit us and other members. this will help us
  13. I can't mention all the purpose but I personally join to earn money and learn about the world of crypto currency and other online exchange that can earn me money.
  14. Yes, there are alot of mouth watering offers on the social media platforms that are very difficult to resist there temptation, they make it look so easy and true. alot of people have become victims of such scenarios. Be vigilant and careful on what kind of platforms you join.
  15. yes I definitely consider my self very lucky to be involved in cryptocurrencies, especially when I read a post about the percentage of countries that are involved in it. Then I know that I was just among the few lucky ones to be aware of this great platform because alot of people don't even know that something as this do exist.
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